Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"I don't get it"

what do I not get you ask? I'm not quite sure - but you can check with the teenagers... as of Sunday I have TWO teenage boys in the house. I'm no math whiz but I'm pretty sure that's two too many. I'm bound to be hearing a little more "you don't get it" as the years go by...

Sunday birthdays are a little bit of a bummer. Well, for kids at least. ME? I love 'em and would opt for a Sunday birthday every year - a few hours of church and little else to concern me - what could be better?

The new bike took a spin around the park yesterday and our newly 13 son VOLUNTARILY took not only his 10 year old brother with him, but the 7 and 5 year old girls... and when little M fell down and scraped up her knees - that bike was helpful to make a quick trip home for bandages.

Anyone who has been around M this past week will know this is NOT her first "boo boo" - all told she has bled from one chin, two knees, one toe, and one hand. what a clutz. (and this is where everyone who knows me just smiles and keeps the fact that she takes after her mother to themselves)

Happy Birthday to W - he's a great kid really. We're holding our breaths for the onset of teenage brain damage (which reverses around age 23 I'm told...) and enjoying every moment he continues to be a helpful, sharing, creative, industrious, loving child...

oh shoot - I'll be back later with pictures of the Sock Monkey cake... not my best effort ever, but certainly a lot of fun... even though it WAS chocolate which meant I didn't get a single bite.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

working 9 to 9 - what a way to make a living.

okay - to be honest it was actually 8:45 to 8:45, but that totally doesn't work with the meter of the song now does it.

My little job is usually just that, a little job that fits nicely into my Mom-hood. You see, I spend my days (while the kids are in school) running here and there doing some reading tutoring - and then after school I work with a mentoring program and hang with more school kids. My own come along to the program some of the time and get to learn a lot of things that they wouldn't get exposed to in school!

This week? Well, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - and to celebrate let's have Literacy Night at EVERY school... (okay, so just two of them that I work at...) and since my official title is "Literacy Specialist" - guess who needs to participate/plan/help with literacy nights? Yep, that's me.

So if you don't hear from me all week - don't worry.

If I still haven't made an appearance by next week this time - assume I am taking FULL advantage of spring break .

If, by the following week I have yet to say something witty and amusing on some comment or (even better yet) here on my OWN blog - then you can call the police. Report to them that I've lost my sense of humor at least...

Pardon me now - I've gotta cram in a few hours of sleep tonight before the sun comes up and reminds me how glad I am that this job only lasts a few more months.

and don't ask me until at least April what I'm going to do with the rest of my life... isn't it a little early for me to know what I want to be when I grow up? I mean really, especially since I'm still under five feet tall :)