About Me

Favorite things in life:  ManOfTheHouse and my five kids.  If you want me to pick a kid of the day - just pop a message on Twitter (@TisforTonya) chances are at least one of them is spending the day in the doghouse.

How I view this blog...  it's my outlet mostly.  Yes, there is the occasional review post - for things I am passionate about...  I love to share things that make me happy, or at least that make me laugh!  
I also have that "other" blog where I blather on about all the books I read...  whatallthekidsarereading.blogspot.com - and I make an attempt to be less snarky there.

How I spend my "down time" - well, assuming "down time" means when the computer is off - that's mostly filled with reading.  If I can't come up with ANYTHING else I might do the dishes and the laundry... might.

Pet Peeves: horrendous spelling, blatant self promotion, whining, kids who drag their pets into my house and think I'm evil because I usher them out with a slam of the door, and people who mispronounce the word "nuclear"...  Judgmental people?  nope, I kinda like them...

Where I write from.  Physically,emotionally, or spiritually? 
Physically I hang out in the extreme Southern edge of Utah.  I can be in two different states within a matter of minutes... and yet usually I just stay here at home.  Does that make me a "homebody"?  I'm good with that.  Emotionally? I write from the perspective of your average mom.  Okay, maybe not "average"... since I have more than my fair share of snark and I'm clearly of the mind that it is healthy to admit when we're about to implode. 
Spiritually? I actually DO consider myself a spiritual person.  I faithfully attend church each week and love that I live in a free country where my right to worship is protected.  I rarely blog about my church - because lds.org will answer any questions you have better than I can.  I hope that at the end of each day I can be a good example of the kind of person God would like for me to be.

Do I really expect this "About Me" page to stay the same forever and ever?  Yeah, I don't stay the same from minute to minute - doesn't give this page much hope for longevity does it?  You want to know something?  Just ask about it in comments...   :)

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