Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trash Can Archaeology...

When I was a kindergarten teacher (yes, WAY back then...) we used to have this fun unit where we read about Archaeology. 

I know I know... seems like an advanced topic for Kindergarten... and I'd defend it if I remembered WHY I did it... I  am sure it had something to do with a book we were writing - but the point is it was FUN! 

I got a few parents in the class to save their "clean" garbage for the week  (read as: no food, no diapers, no tissues...) - and at the end of the week we'd split into teams, go through the garbage and make guesses about what kind of people lived in the household.

it's a little scary what your trash tells about you.

My trash today?

Empty Cake Mix Boxes: 2, strawberry & yellow

eggshells: probably just enough for those cakes

Empty Kit Kat Wrappers: 25

Empty M&Ms bag: 1(but only because there were some left in the other bag)

Snips from the tops of colorful melting chocolate: 5 (because the first 3 bags were already open)

Nearly empty can of frosting: 1

Microwave Popcorn Bags (Empty of course): 12

Unpopped Popcorn Kernels: Too many to count

Crumpled Paper Towels, stained with a rainbow of colors: Lots

Empty Kool-Aid Packets: 6 - all different flavors/colors

Wrappers from new ice cube trays - 3, double packed...

Empty 2 liter bottles of Generic Lemon Lime Soda: 1... the other 3 got thrown away at church.

Pizza Boxes: 3

Wrappers from the really yummy white chocolate bite size candies that I ate for "energy": Too many.

You know what this says about our family???

Pull out your hidden archaeologist skills and let me know...

all I know is that to my kids it says I spend way too much time and effort on treats for my youth group girls and not enough time making a healthy meal for my family.
imagine the other pictures of colorful popcorn and rainbow drinks...

Tonight I promise there will be an empty bag of tossed salad...

And a few more wrappers from those little white chocolate candies... nom....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

39.999 - and counting...

There's no hiding it...

Today is my birthday...

HOWEVER - since I wasn't born until 8:30 in the morning I am not yet 40... even though I am currently surrounded by decorations which profess otherwise.
that sign is actually in my house... the rest, not so much...

What does a balloon know?

Depending on how fast I can think/type/find a picture to fit the post this may actually get posted while I am still "30-something"

I can do it, my reflexes are still as sharp as ever.

The question of the day is? What do I have to show for my 39.999 years of life?

A pretty amazing husband who is 8 kinds of manly and who is taking me out to lunch... even though 40 won't quite get me a senior discount - he's just generous like that.

5 stunningly brilliant children - who in the next 3 days will have me running all over creation for plays, soccer, swimming, dance, bands, scouts, birthday parties (not mine), and church activities...

The conviction that there is no better way to spend my time than what I've just described.

A house that despite advances in technology does not clean itself.

and the bragging rights to helping a local store put together a 21,000 piece puzzle.  Well, technically it's a 24,000 piece puzzle - but we're not done yet... good thing "Huge Freakin' Puzzle" is on my bucket list and not on my "things to do by the time I'm 40" list.

It's probably too late to make on of those lists...

well, maybe not - let's put "write a hastily thought out blog post" and "shower" on the list and call it good.

1/2 way there!