Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Shindig

(oops, forgot to turn the pictures, it's good exercise for your necks)  Since everyone else in the family will likely be posting about the much more monumental event of the parents' return - here's something completely different!
Q's 40th birthday is this coming week and much to his chagrin we threw a little bash in his honor.  

It was quite impossible to get his keys to the storage unit to embarrass him in the same way we embarrassed a good friend (yard full of walkers, wheelchairs, bedside commodes etc...) so it was necessary to come up with an alternate theme.  Having everyone dress up in their 80's best we had some of the top 40 hits from the 80's  and just generally hung out...  no, I don't normally dress like that!
Meg was probably correct when she predicted that Q wouldn't appreciate the surprise, but thus far he has been very good-natured about it...  we'll see how upset he was 4 years from now when it is my turn :)


cold cocoa said...

Well, he looks pretty happy! He shouldn't feel too embarrassed; he's not the one dressed up in 80's getup! Nice Tonya, nice. I like the 80's pictures. Kirk Cameron is HOT.
Any karaoke at the party?

Megz said...

Hey, I didn't say Q wouldn't like it! I just said I personally like to be prepared for my surprise parties. Spontaneous and me don't really get along. What the heck is on your legs?? Did you have to go on a special shopping trip to find those, or did you keep them in storage for a couple of decades?
Good job on being a Fun Wife. If only my Hub were so lucky!

LC said...

I wonder what was more surprising to Quinn--the party or your outfit?! That is totally 80's.
What a great theme. So many things come to mind: Cyndi Lauper, perms, ratted high bangs, turqoise and hot pink, scrunchies, high-tops, leg warmers, big ol' hoop earrings, stirrup pants.
Gotta love the music though.

T said...

believe it or not I had that stuff stashed somewhere deep in the closet - I just had to go and buy a bunch of those jelly bracelets to top off the outfit :)

the 80's pictures were courtesy of my pack-rat neighbor who had a thing for New Kids on the Block and Corey Haim... her husband is now claiming that he proposed under false pretenses becauses he certainly didn't know that before the wedding!

no karaoke - just name that 80's tune, courtesy of Der and Sher... the youngest couple there totally blew the rest of us away with that one, talk about feeling stupid.

Sher said...

I have some good pics of the party too. I might even take them off my camera and put them on the computer one day. Nobody got a picture of me though:) You'll just have to imagine me in my regular jeans and a polo shirt with the collar turned up and my hair looking dorky parted in the middle.

T said...

yeah sher, the only picture I scored with you in it is with your girls as the main focus and you in the background - the raised collar is evident but it's a side view so the middle parted hair is not as obvious

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you don't normally dress like that? This is exactly how I remember you! :)