Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dominant Genes

Do my kids have any hope for a normal life?  

I took biology - even got an A - so I sort of "get" the whole dominant/recessive gene thing - so why is it that ManOfTheHouse and I are determined to pass on our worst traits??

T - straight!  The Orthodontist begrudgingly named me the first perfect bite he'd ever seen :)
Q - braces twice...  Twice?
The Kids:  Ugh, this is costing us a fortune!
Teeth (again):
T - rotten, my cavities get cavities...  and yes, I DO floss and brush (obsessively
Q - healthy teeth - hardly a cavity to be seen
The Kids:  again - a small fortune goes into repairing their teeth before we put braces on them.
T - I'm 4'11" - 'nuff said.
Q - 6' even...
The Kids:  I'll be apologizing for this one for years I'm sure...  no basketball players here!
T - the genes are not good on this one - I can maintain if I constantly diet.
Q - some of the brothers can't swim because they don't have enough body fat.
The Kids:  1/2 and 1/2 - but don't tell them that... 
T - BIG family history - small problem myself
Q - what, you can't climb this mountain without pausing?
The Kids:  minor issues - what, croup isn't for teenagers?
T - AAAAAAaaaaaack - I don't want to talk about it.
Q - cool as a cucumber
The Kids:  hmmm... we do a lot of time-out around here... for me AND the kids... 
T - UGH - been wearing glasses/contacts since age 12
Q - not quite so ugh... glasses for driving at about 30...  
The Kids:  we're waiting on this verdict.

We won't even get started on the whole medical history...

We COULD have had the perfect kids - His height, metabolism and health - but with my straight teeth...  and my cute nose and ears :)  Good thing I think the kids are perfect just as they are... nothing a little therapy and a lot of orthodonture won't cure!


Pam said...

I definitely hate when the kids take on the expensive genes. I am now thinking I should have made a fund for my children's dental and eye care when I was 12. :)

T said...

haha - I think I'm going to start making my kids save their money for missions and their kids braces... maybe then they'll understand why I cringe at the $141 I pay every month... and why the next 3 have to just WAIT their turn :)

April said...

Two kids and NO braces...they got MY teeth! YEAH!!! But they also got my metabolism! BOOOO!!!! I didn't get small until my thyroid cancer. My mom put me on my first diet in 5th grade! Thank heavens for great insurance for us!

BTW-good luck with getting them to save for their mission. I couldn't believe how much it cost just to get our oldest out! There went half of what he saved!

Barbaloot said...

I curse biology frequently. I have one brother that got out of control super fast metabolism. I'm the only girl in the family----isn't it my right to have that?!

a Tonggu Momma said...

That's another good thing about adoption - the husband and I didn't pass on our noses. Cuz THAT would have been bad.

Plus my asthma. And braces. And glasses. And temperament.

Megz said...

Had to laugh at the idea that some of those skinny brothers couldn't swim because of the lack of body fat...
I'm really really praying that we never ever have to schedule an orthodontist appt, but I know I'm delusional.

T said...

Megz - are you claiming that they have body fat... or that they can swim?

and Barbaloot - my brother has these great long lashes... mine? yeah, if I squint I can see them - and they're right THERE!

Anjeny said...

I think its planned that way..the kids inheriting our worse trait so it will just drive us parents nuts and make us work harder just to get our kids on the halfway decent road. I'm not making sense, am I?