Sunday, June 14, 2009

really - this is tough for me...

I'm not addicted to give-aways - really, I'm not...  but I do love a good one.

what I don't like - and  usually won't do... well, because it reduces MY odds of winning - is tell you all about a giveaway...

but this one is a good one...  really.

Run right over there - check out the stuff...  it takes a few minutes to enter (because you've gotta keep visiting ETSY pages) but if I win I won't care about that anymore!

So go... go now!

oh, you wanted an address too?  silly me :)


and while you're there - be sure to scroll down and check out her aspiring masks... especially if you're a certain somebody who I talk to daily that has shared my recent skin issues!!!  I might try this!


Kristina P. said...

T, the link isn't working. Missed you yesterday!

T said...

thanks for the heads up! I've got it fixed now :) (and shoot, it was such a great idea to get the extra entry WITHOUT actually increasing my competition...)

and no - I wouldn't ACTUALLY do that... because I just didn't think of it in time!