Thursday, November 12, 2009

The question of the hour (and a teensy tiny favor...)

Okay - apparently there are some of you out there wondering how my new job is going. Coming out of "retirement" after my SAHM years has been... an... adjustment. I will say though that I'm glad that I'm doing what I do!

So what DO I do??? well, sometimes I am driving around between schools, sometimes I am sitting IN schools being a literacy tutor, sometimes I am sitting at my office chatting with the other people there (and sometimes I'm even getting WORK done there). The BEST part of what I do though comes after school - our team goes to a number of the local elementary and intermediate schools to run an afterschool Media Literacy Lab... where we help the kids write scripts, take pictures, etc... Can I admit that I've learned WAY more from these kids than I've been able to teach them??? Remember when I was trying to cram PhotoShop and MovieMaker and a few other programs into my head in a short time period???

yeah... didn't work so well... but I'm getting the hang of them now!

But I'm telling you these kids are AWESOME! They have come up with some amazing photography, claymation, live action, paper animation, etc...

So here's where I'm asking a favor... because these kids have a crazy goal in mind... and because I luv them SO much I'm willing to give it a go... there are a number of places to view their work - but for today we'll focus on Facebook because that's what the goal is all about!

THIS should take you straight there... I hope.

you can also subscribe to the free monthly podcast - because that makes the kids smile... but there are FAR more videos up on facebook... and these crazy kids have it stuck in their little heads that we can get 1,000 fans by the end of the school year. and no, I didn't type an extra zero!

SOoooo... I promise not to stalk the "fans" of media literacy lab - and I'm probably giving up ALL sorts of personal privacy since I'm one of the admins of that fan page... but do a girl a favor. Better yet - do a girl and those passel o' kids a favor :) just click the "become a fan" button... but, as long as you're there check out a few funny videos - I can only claim credit for the Monster Mash one - but hey, I'm new to this insanity :)

All in all, I love my job... it's keeping me UBER busy and has probably forced them to remove my name from the "mom of the year" nominees for the 14th year running - but we do good work - and we make kids happy - and SHOCK - I learn things :)


Kristina P. said...

This is so great! I bet the kids love you.

Michelle said...

Great goal. Good luck with it. I am so happy that you like your job. I thought it was part-time, though. A life long learner is always a fantastic thing.

Megz said...

Those videos are pretty cool. I wish I could send my kids to you to learn how to make some claymation movies.
I will totally sign up for fandom when I get over my issues with being on FB.

April said...

I joined! I wish I could learn how to do some of that!!!

Rockin Austin said...

Are today's kids just born technically advanced??? IN-credible!