Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Breathe

Sounds simple enough right. Inhale. Exhale.


and then - something unexpected happens and suddenly breathing becomes a little more difficult.

This isn't a deep meaningful post guys - the "unexpected" thing that happened in our house was just a little minor simple thing...

The Air Conditioner DIED!!!

Have I mentioned that I live in the uber freakin' hot desert of Southern Utah?

It is quite possible that it's my boiled brain cells saying this but What were those Pioneers THINKING?

okay, okay, I know... they were thinking all about obedience and freedom, yadda yadda yadda...  good for them.  This is me doing the "SO grateful to have not been alive back in the day but grateful for all of those who suffered so I don't have to" dance.  Trust me, the steps are much easier to remember than the name.

A few questions for the powers that be?
*Why is it that every time we have company something breaks?  plumbing, A/C, the car???  seriously, I think this was equal to the time our car broke down on the Mukilteo Ferry and had to be bumped out into the street.  (with me hiding my head from embarrassment)
*When waiting on a repairman... could I do it elsewhere... I mean - my house is 88 degrees, can't you call me when you're ready and we'll run home from the pool?
*Do ALL A/C repairmen look like Don Knotts - or did I just get lucky?
 okay, that really IS Don Knotts... I was too amazed with cooler air to photograph the repair guy.

*How many of YOUR six year olds use the word "sweltering" in their everyday vocabulary?
*What did I do to Karma to deserve this???
*Is it wrong to spend my entire day today basking in the glory that is artificially cooled air?  

P.S. thanks too all of you who chimed in yesterday - I think I've now ruled out pole dancer and Avon Lady as possible career paths...  when I get it ALL figured out I'll get back to you.  really.


Teachinfourth said...

Murphy's Law, I guess. There myself, many things break down; however, I seem to really notice it when I do have other people over… it's a lot more noticeable.

I hope you get your air conditioning fixed soon, Southern Utah is a hot place. Scratch that; I often go there for hiking and decided not to for the next two or three weeks because of the extreme heat.

Good luck.

Annette Lyon said...

The truth about southern Utah pioneers--most actually said NO to the call. Many turned back the minute they arrived. Others left after a year or two. Only a few stalwarts stuck it out--which is why John Taylor said they got the first dedicated temple in Utah--they'd EARNED it.

It's really amazing that ANY stayed (or survived w/out air conditioning--especially in the clothes they wore--freak!)

Barbaloot said...

My AC died at the beginning of the summer and I thought I'd melt to death! I can't imagine the difference between Provo and St. George. Glad Don Knotts was able to save you.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow. I don't need to tell you then how nice it gets in the evening. Cools off to about 50, no air conditioner.........I've never had one.
I guess this is one time of the year I can brag about huh?

Hope Don gets over to get things fixed up for ya.

Lisa said...

Like you, I have NEVER professed to be pioneer stock. I think this is proof that our Heavenly Father knew what we were when he created us, and put us down in the correct time/era...else we'd have wilted and died like an uprooted dandylion.

Saimi said...

Amen to Lisa's comment I couldn't agree more!

Sorry about the air conditioning we get hot too but at least the nights cool down enough to open windows.

When were you on the Mukilteo Ferry?
That's my old stomping ground.

Kristina P. said...

Time to be naked!!

Gina said...

OMGosh! Our A/C died about a month ago- in Florida! Not only hot, but so, so, so humid... the carpet felt wet from all the stagnant air in the house and everybody sweating everywhere we walked. So gross. It took a full 24 hours to get it back down to a normal temp... I feel your pain.

Cluttered Brain said...

pishposh to Tauna...50 degrees...
but in the winter We are going to hear your whines...oh its freezing...too much snow...

Thus the price we pay... to LIVE in the sunshine!
Love it!

As for you my friend, I am glad you have air again my friend...if it breaks again, U know who to call?

And not Ghostbusters either!

Amy said...

It's blazing hot here in Nebraska too. Sorry about that darn A/C. Hope you have cooler air from here on!

Kelley said...

Ugh! I live in Houston, so...I can relate to the heat. We also have awful humidity! I laughed at a friend's recent FB post which said something about writing a love letter to her A/C. You should write one to yours and let him know how much you appreciate him...never going out on you again!

Rudy Rukus said...

I love the AC too. Sorry yours died! That really sucks especially in this "sweltering" heat! Hope it is working fine now!