Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the school house is rockin'...

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE school house rock. I grew up singing "I'm just a Bill" and "Interplanet Janet"... I still hum a little "Conjunction Junction" or "Lolly Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here" when the mood strikes (you know, when I'm teaching the kids about these concepts...)

So when Po came home yesterday and wanted help memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution... well, School House Rocks to the rescue!!!

The Preamble, only the preamble, and nothing but the preamble can be found on youTube... for some reason it isn't interested in embedding itself here... sorry.

Only one little problem...  the words are wrong folks.  All these years and I didn't know I had the preamble memorized incorrectly???   No, they're not WAY wrong...  they just leave out 4 little words "of the United States"... which seems a little vital, don't you think?

And I might have been suffering from a little Mondegreen Moment because I distinctly remember singing "do or die" instead of "Do ordain" as a child...  go figure...  perhaps I shouldn't have relied on School House Rocks for all of my education?  Next you'll be telling me that Mr. Morton isn't a subject after all???

Don't worry - I'm still a good citizen... I even voted.

For 3 reasons:  #1 - if you don't vote, you can't complain... and I like to complain.  #2 - the cupcakery (The Sweet Tooth Fairy) was giving away free cupcakes to anyone who walked in with an "I Voted" sticker... and it was easier to vote than to borrow someone's sticker. and #3 - I like to vote, because voting day means that soon all those political signs littering our roadways will soon disappear.  Good riddance.


Saimi said...

Oh I so remember the School house rock, not in the detail that you do but I could be older! HA!

I was driving by a church and their reader board said:

I am God and I approve this church.

I totally cracked up! I'll be glad when all the signs are gone too!

Kristina P. said...

I've never seen the Schoolhouse Rock. :(

Lisa said...

I always wanted to skate a figure eight...also, seriously, so glad I know a noun is a person, place or thing. Anyway, what the H? Missing words? They couldn't have managed to arrange the music around the actual words? I'm disappointed. And uneducated, it seems.

Barbaloot said...

Wait-so it just says "We the people in order to form..." Cuz that's wrong! Who would take "of the United States" out?!

Megz said...

I also am rather ignorant on the schoolhouse rock. But anything that makes you groove to the preamble has to be awesome.
I don't even mind the artistic use of editing. Don't want to mess up the beat.

Charlotte said...

I never watched School House Rocks, but I do believe cartoons are the best way to teach children. Sponge Bob is how all my kids have learned proper etiquette and I'm sure that will never come back to bite me.

Cherie said...

My favorite is "I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill and I'm sitting here on capitol hill...." - Love all the schoolhouse rock but you definately cannot rely on them for accuracy!

One Cluttered Brain said...

oh my.
cupcakes for voting?
man. i SO live in the wrong district.
They gave out Halloween candy in mine.
And house's a catchy song that sticks in your head ALL day...
that's all i have to say about that.

just the five of us said...

We didn't get anything treat wise for voting!! :( But it was good to vote. I like getting up in the morning to see who won!

I still sing those School House Rock songs to my 1st graders, to bad, that they aren't familiar with those Saturday morning commercials.

LC said...

I've got to check into those School House Rocks. I'm sure I'd learn a lot.

Missy said...

I have got to check that out! I love School House Rocks!

Cheeseboy said...

Dang! I didn't get a cupcake for voting. I did get a sticker though, which I thought was worthless until I heard about the cupcakes, which I heard about just now, which was far too late!

I hate yard signs.