Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty Pennington

This post will have nothing to do with Ty Pennington by the way...

I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday because I'm hoping to become really chummy so he'll come and build those bookshelves for me.

Yes, the ones that my husband promised as a Christmas gift.

3 years ago.

Hardly a good enough story for "Extreme Home Makeover"... but it's the best sob story I've got.

Ahh, the first world problems of our middle class are just tear jerkers aren't they?

Today's post is brought to you by Klout.  Well, not really BY Klout - it's just ABOUT Klout.

Apparently they like to decide WHO is influential about WHAT?  and then give out perks for the top influencers.

In the beginning (read as - when I was blogging and tweeting and not keeping up so well with my reading and dishes doing) I was ROCKING Klout - I had an awesome score and if you are impressed by numbers which mean absolutely nothing you would have had a jaw dropping moment at mine.

Now?  not so much.  Letting REAL life take precedence has been a good change in life... but when they say "you can't have it all" - I think they are referencing my Klout score.

HOWEVER, all is not lost - I made the top three influencers in one category at least.

Not blogging.
Not authors.
Not baking.
Not even cats... although for some reason I was influential about cats for about a week...

I think I said something about hating them... ?

But - as of last week I was the third strongest influence about...

Drum Roll Please....

yep, Zucchini.

Apparently a day of tweeting every time I took another batch of Zucchini bread out of the oven and complaining about the sheer amount of Zucchini I had in my house put me on the top of the world.

Now I'm thinking it would be a BOATLOAD of fun to sit down with the first and second place influencers... I'm sure we'd have SO much in common... well, you know - as long as I did a little Zucchini research ahead of time.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, don't go too crazy there!

Kazzy said...

As a non-gardener, I think you zucchini people are something special!

Gina said...

Sweet! I've never been a top influencer of anything!

Although, after the Replace One Word In A Famous Quote With Duck game, I was influential about ducks for several weeks.

That and my Harry Potter level of influence are my claim to fame.

Z said...

No one will ever influence me about Zucchini as much as you... you're basically my SOLE source of information about the subject.

Teachinfourth said...

Zucchini is awesome...well, when it's in bread.

Jen T said...

Sounds like your garden produced about like mine--lots and lots of zucchini! I got sick of making bread and just shredded it and froze it, so in the winter when I really want zucchini bread, I can have some :)