Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Weekend at the Cabin

well, even though nobody wanted to hang out with us we had a fine time at the family cabin...  the only rodent to be found had been LONG dead (probably years dead) - so if anyone notices that cute little magazine rack is now sideways upstairs...  there's a reason for that, it was a veritable death trap for any mousies who lacked a ladder.
the sledding was spectacular -  you wouldn't guess that the hill directly below the cabin becomes an awesome sledding spot when covered with sufficient powder...  we actually were trying to sled on the hill directly left of the cabin but then W. lost his snowboard and it went down... and down... and down - so he had to go after it!  A good thing that Q. was willing to retrieve us all on the sleds attached to the snowmobile because after the first walk back up dragging M. on the sled I was not excited about a second run!
The cabin stays nice and warm in the winter once a fire gets going - next year some more of y'all will have to join in the fun - even if nobody is up for a crazy overnight!  We will have to get up there as soon as it is vehicle accessible and replenish the water supplies as well as drop off some more simple kitchen items that are sadly lacking - however we found that it is possible to substitute a few plastic forks for a spatula in a pinch!


Sher said...

Okay Tonya -- none of this "didn't want" to hang out with you stuff. We wanted to but were prevented by a funeral, a piano festival, and our lack of the health that we felt such a trip would require. We would have loved to come otherwise.

Megz said...

Sounds like we missed a partay. Next time, I PROMISE! What's the deal w/ the museum? Have no idea what you be talkin' about.

cold cocoa said...

Wow- the picture is very scenic. I like it. Good job Tonya. And what is this about a museum??