Saturday, February 27, 2010

are you polling my leg?

so... I get a call yesterday asking for my participation in a "brief" poll. It's Gallup - THE poll people. Having a FIL who's a statistics guru I actually kind of feel obligated to participate in a poll now and then - to have my voice heard... or maybe it's just that I spend ALL DAY with children and even the pollster is a break from "kid speak"

hmmm... now how to tell this story without getting all "political" on you...

okay - here... let's just list a few of the questions that I was asked...

Do You Approve of the Job that Barack Obama is doing as President?
Do You Have Health Care Coverage?
Do You have any health concerns?
then a bunch of questions about finances and whether or not we have trouble feeding our family, providing them shelter, taking them for health care...
What is your marital status?
Are you happy with your quality of life?
Is your quality of life improving?
How many children under 18 live in your house? (wait, this is funny in a minute)
Are you afraid to walk in your neighborhood alone after dark?
How tall are you?
How much do you weigh?
Have you ever given birth? (ummm... I guess the answer COULD have been no...)

So in the end I'm wondering exactly WHAT these people were trying to accomplish - since we all know that Obama and 26% of this country are all for the current form of reform - and a mere 74% are either opposed to health care reform in general or would like to see a different reform than is currently on the table.

oh wait, I went and got "political" didn't I? crap.

Just wait - they're calling you next I'm sure. Just don't buy into it when they say it will be "brief".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

of course He cares...

I'm learning a great deal from being a mom. Patience being the chief lesson. Of course, this is not a QUICK lesson - it comes in many many many parts and I've yet to receive that "master of patience" degree that I've been laboring over...

but this isn't about patience (unless of course we're talking about YOUR patience, then I might be trying it a tad...)

This is about prayers.

my sweet M - who is on the brink of turning 6 never forgets her prayers. She has been known to wake up yelling for me and when I get in there she lets me know that she needs to say her prayers now. (usually because she fell asleep downstairs and had to be carried to bed...)

her "prayer language" might need a little help - because we get an interesting blend of "we ask thee" mixed up with "bless us" - so "bless thee" it is even though we've tried and tried to change it.

She is also likely to pray for an interesting variety of things. She has prayed for the little girl in her class that forgets to be nice "bless thee that she can be not rude" and for a neighbor "bless thee that A can not bite her fingernails" and for her mother "bless thee that Mommy can smile and not be mad at me" (oh, that hurt!) - but tonight I was surprised... apparently she didn't like our choice of Family Activity yesterday because tonight the prayer included "bless thee that I never have to watch Princess and The Frog ever ever again"

but really - have you SEEN that shadow man? He's just plain freaky!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a vitamin sweetie, not an action figure...

I seriously had to say those words to my child today. I'm sure that nobody needs an explanation beyond the fact that we have recently (at the urging of our dentist) switched from Gummi Bear vitamins to some Dinosaur shaped traditional hard as rock vitamins. M thinks these are lots of fun.

I have just returned from a very large church meeting (stake conference for those of you "in the know") where because ManOfTheHouse was acting in an official capacity I sat alone with my 5 children. Since my children range in age from 5 (almost 6) to 14 (almost 17) you wouldn't think this was difficult, but our difficulties began before we even left the house. To make a long story short there was a shower shut off just minutes before the meeting was to start - people annoyed that there was a bench saved for people (us) who obviously couldn't make it on time - and a pair of jeans substituted for reasonable attire because at that point the options were extremely limited. I have had to once again remind my older children that Sunday occurs every seven days without fail... and maybe a little preparation might be in order?

I love being a mom.

I actually do - and another day I will expound on that. For now I am enjoying hiding in my room helping the nearly 8 year old daughter with her Sunday book of word puzzles. Something we both enjoy and a learning activity rolled into one. (thanks to Grandma for sending the book... she is SO excited for turning 8!!!)

my question for you - a six letter word for something that drives you crazy... My answer starts with a T and ends with a revor... but I love him anyway.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

sooo... maybe April shouldn't read this yet...

April told me not to post this until AFTER lunch today - but AFTER lunch today I will have other things to talk about... and it seemed SO mean after yesterday's teaser to let everyone sit around their computers just waiting for my new post to come up...

That is what you do isn't it? I envision a whole crowd of people waiting in cybercafes across the world shouting "Wahoooo" just because I post something new. Do NOT burst my bubble folks!

So - flash back Many Many Many (okay just 3) years - I misplaced my ring... my wedding ring that my dear husband picked out all by his lonesome and proposed with on top of a mountain. Could not find it - but was not willing to label it as "lost" because I was certain we'd locate it...

2 years ago I started to use the term "lost" a little more freely as I shopped around for cheap little fake rings - the first one I bought was a little large for my finger and was promptly lost in the house. (for this one I did not hesitate to use the term "lost" because there was not emotional attachment)

The second one I bought I've held onto long enough that the fake silver finish has begun to look worn and pathetic... apparently "bronze" is not an acceptable ring color and so last month ManOfTheHouse and I went ring shopping. I think he was getting sick of having guys hit on me... because of course I'm that "hot"... or at least that's MY story and hey - it's my blog.

So we end up purchasing a really simple, fairly inexpensive (for a ring...) anniversary band - which I love.

So we're up to date now right?

Let's go to last Saturday: I was putting away something in my closet and I find?...



The first fake ring - it's been missing for 18 months - so I had a good laugh that it was found and I stuck it in my junk jewelry box thinking that the girls will enjoy playing dress up with it. Ta-dah...

We celebrated Valentine's Day - and I of course wore the new ring - wore it to church on Sunday but did NOT wear it on Monday because we went sledding and that just seemed a little too risky for me and my habit of losing rings.

Tuesday - I started to get ready for work - no ring (the new band) - can't find it anywhere even though I'm pretty sure I hung it on my jewelry tree... (basically twisted wires that resembled a tree before it got covered in my bangles and bracelets). I did not freak out (okay, maybe a little) and casually looked around the house for it throughout the day. I DID NOT tell the M.O.T.H. - this would not be funny at this point. Still, no ring.

Wednesday - I gave in to the freak-out and the second that M.O.T.H. left for work I began to tear apart my bedroom looking for that anniversary band. No anniversary band - but guess what I DID find... my original wedding ring. In the bottom of a see through shoe box (with no shoes in it) covered in a fine layer of dust. How it got here I can't even imagine... too bizarre for words - but I'm happy to have it.

The problem now? Yeah - well, this is now a "good news, Bad news" situation because I still could not locate the band.

I was going to wait until I'd found BOTH rings before telling M.O.T.H. - but my problem is that I have a big mouth - this is where you act completely surprised because you've always thought of me as a reclusive type that keeps my business to myself.

Too many people knew already - I had to find the anniversary band!!!

I had a few minutes to search between tutoring so I came home - tore apart the couches and eventually found it... laying on my counter right next to the jewelry tree. obscured by a receipt I've now shredded and thrown away.

So all is well... I fessed up to all of it - even the lost band part - and there were no angry words, tears, or anything... and now I have two rings I love - and I'm wearing both of them this week to celebrate. Please, if you see me out and about will you remind me not to take them off somewhere :)

(plus, I now have TWO fakes for my daughters to enjoy while they play - the whole family is happy!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What once was lost - now is found...

and since I have to leave in about 3 minutes - I'm going to leave it at that...

really - check back tomorrow because this is a story YEARS in the making.

besides, by then I will have fessed up to the Man of the House and gotten a reaction...


Friday, February 12, 2010

valentines, shmalentines... that's what I always say. and the much searched for Bushel and a Peck video!

something about this time of year just puts me on edge. like I'm supposed to be a more loving wife, a more loving mother, a more generous wonderful person just because someone drew a big freakin' heart on my calendar?

whatever - I mean really - could I BE more loving? (don't answer that)

So my youngest daughter "M" was really excited about her first "real school" (as opposed to preschool) Valentine's Party and began early last week choosing the perfect Valentine for each person in her class. The options were pretty limited, but I noticed that Hello Kitty's "Friends Forever" went straight to A - and the "You're Neat" pile never got picked from. My favorite? The little girl who is a little bit... shall we say "rude?" - M picked out the "let's be friends" for her right away, and carefully wrote on it. all together now: "awwwwww"

Of course, later on we get the note from the teacher requesting that the kids NOT address the valentines individually as it is faster to just drop any old valentine in any old box. yeah... well, too late - I didn't make her erase them!

In honor of valentines day I made a video - of a song my family sang a lot while I was growing up (from one of my favorite musicals)... So enjoy - and yes, you DO have to watch it and tell me how much it made your day :)