Monday, January 16, 2012

Confessions of a Crappy Blogger

it's not that my life has been boring.

or busy.

really - it's been a laid back full of fun month... and if you knew all about it you'd be super jealous.

I could give you all the nitty gritty details - but in the interest of keeping my blog posts short and sweet (just like me?) you will just get to hear about what I'm NOT blogging about.

I won't  tell you how of all the houses in the country Santa (and part time school bus driver Phil) came to visit our house.
I won't blog about Christmas gifts... or house hunting (not for me)... or spending way too much time trying to beat my niece's score in A Christmas Bubble Shooter...

You also probably won't get to hear much about costume making, Sesquicentennial celebrations that included me covered in paint up to my elbows, or a particular prop piece that still only exists in my brain even though it needs to be done in a few days.

Dance Recitals, Orchestra Concerts, and Random Youth Activities that had me wearing two coats and a blanket will also be absent.

I won't even give you the skinny on my fitness class results or how I spent my winnings...  I wouldn't even tell you if I remember how that money was spent... or how much of the weight I lost I have managed to put back on during the festive season.

You don't even get to hear about how I will never shop at my local shoe store again thanks to a very rude manager... turns out their name is a lie and I pay a lot more than I expect...

So... what am I going to blog about?  Today my dear friends you get to see the thing that made me laugh the hardest all year...  well, maybe the second hardest... some of you have written some pretty funny blogs and tweets...

and maybe it's just the old lady in me that has obviously had a little too much pressure on my bladder when pregnant... but this seems like a BAD name for a business...

...just sayin'