Sunday, December 14, 2008

4 more things you never really needed to know

What?  seriously, I missed another Tag? - one of these days I’ll be able to just tell people to refer to old posts because I’m pretty sure that I deserve the title of Tag Queen... I’m sure there’s a crown out there with my name on it!!!  Chelsi has given me the task (opportunity) to share with you 4 things about a number of things... hmmm, except I’m not even going to look - so here you get whatever comes off the top of my head - and just because I haven’t been very Christmasy lately - we’ll theme it:

4 things I dread about the Holiday Season:  Decorating, Wrapping, Un-decorating, Calories.

4 things I love about the same aforementioned time of year:  Food, Family, Peace, Warm blankets on a cold night

4 things I want for Christmas (but am probably not getting):  built in shelves, a really nice book light that will last for more than a month, did I mention the shelves?, and world peace.

4 places I’ve spent far too much time and/or $ this past few weeks:, CostCo, Target, WalMart

4 places I’ve gotten paper cuts during the wrapping process:  Thumb, wrist, other thumb, “tall man” finger.

4 reasons to be grateful this year in particular:  Hubby still has a good job that is supposedly “recession proof”, My kids are all reasonably healthy - and now old enough to know what to do when the flu hits so the clean-up is a lot more tolerable, Junk food consumed in the days prior to, including, and immediately following a national holiday is magically calorie free, I have friends and family who allow me to live in my fantasy world with all of my delusions

4 people I’m sure will be happy to just see their name in print and not worry too much about the whole “tag” aspect of this thing:  Janet, Laura, Nanny Goat, and...  You - yeah, you know who you are...  don't look the other way :)

4 favorite (calorie-free) Christmas Treats:  Caramel Dipped pretzels coated with White chocolate and Sprinkled with crushed Candy Canes, Peanut Butter Fudge, Sher's Ginger Cookies, and Candy Cane Kisses.

4 things I worry about too much at Christmas-time:  a well-decorated house, being "fair" in my gifting, making all those wonderful yummy treats, getting to all the concerts and parties.

4 things I wish we could spend more time on:  Christ, Giving, Service, Family

4... oh never mind... that's enough 4 now!


Barbaloot said...

Those sound like some seriously good calorie-free treats!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I don't have to said it better than I could...we are a lot a like! :)

I love the magical calorie free treats during the holidays! :)

just the five of us said...

Okay...I was surpised to see my name in print:D

By the way, I love your dipped pretzel sticks and I am thinking about trying them this year. Hope they aren't to hard to make.

Heidi Ashworth said...

So many things to love about this post--the tall man finger, the calorie free foods (I heartily agree) the candy cane kisses and guess what? We have the same four things that we worry about too much for the holidays. Having a bit of a melt down this year, in fact.

LC said...

I have spent the most $ at the same 4 places. Too fun.

Jen said...

I just have to say that three of my four kids are now 100% flu savy. I too am so grateful.

And I'm totally excited to hear about all that calorie-free business. This is going to be the best Christmas EVER!