Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The twelve months of 2008... (a.k.a. - our Christmas letter)

No, you don't have to sing...
On the first month of 2008 my favorite (humor me) blogger gave to me an 11 year old sledding on his knee!
On the second month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - two boys in gloves (okay, so we ALL wore gloves... and boots... and as many layers as possible - it's cold at the cabin!)
On the third month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - leaves falling by the tens (of thousands... I don't know why the tree won't drop its leaves in the fall like a normal tree - we have a fun but messy spring)
On the fourth month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - a big party for the herds (Q celebrated the big 4-0 with a surprise 80's party... he was a good sport and is EXTREMELY young and spry and didn't even make me say that!)
On the fifth month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - Five home runs... (W & P both played ball...  I'm not sure about the actual home run number, but hey - do you really believe all the stuff people tell about their kids in their Christmas letters anyway?)
On the sixth month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me all the kids at the sand dunes playing (June is HOT around here, but we had to try out a new vehicle at the rental place... only got it stuck twice!)
On the seventh month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - seven people camping but not swimming... (too cold)

One the eighth month of 2008, my favorite blogger gave to me one maid left at home while other were off at school a-milking (hey, they had milk with their lunch - you want Keats go read another blog!)
On the ninth month of 2008 - my favorite blogger gave to me - the nine year old advancing. (Yay! P is a Bear scout!!!)
On the tenth month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - great weather we are keeping
On the eleventh month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - the thankful turkey to quash the griping!

On the twelfth month of 2008 my favorite blogger gave to me - (finally!) that picture of her haircut that we voted on in February (oh, it was November?  yeah, well that didn't work with the meter of the song!  get over it)

And because this post will also serve as a Christmas greeting for the many friends, family and strangers on the street that I invite to come by (and because I'm noticing an absence of H is any of the years' photos) I hope that people will click the following links for a little closer look at the family and their antics this year :)  Merry Christmas - Happy New Year... and no, this is not just a pathetic ploy to get more readers for my blog... but yeah - if it works that way I'm okay with that - come back anytime, leave me a note to say hi - I'm always here :)

T (the teenager) or this... if you're into laughing at how short I am... 
W must be an angel because his blog appearances are all brief and sweet

and honestly - I'm just lucky to have such a great family that doesn't mind me sharing the funny moments of our lives with the world!  Q's a great husband - T's a teenager of the best kind - W really is a super kid with a super sense of humor - P is an early bird without an inside voice but also a heck of a lot of fun - H is my mini-me and gives the best (and most) hugs and kisses this side of the Mississippi - and M... sweet little M, I can't imagine what life would be without her keeping it interesting, fast-paced, and LOUD!


Anonymous said...

such a fun post!

And I LOVE the hair!!

just the five of us said...

I loved singing along. What a great idea. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

I can't even remember who I sent Christmas cards to, isn't that a little pathetic. Did I send one to you?

I always wonder if people think that Christmas letters are brag letters. Cuz I try not to sound that way.

Anyway this is a great way to stay in touch with people. I like blogging more than email:)

Megz said...

That was much better than 5 gold rings and all those animal verses in the original.
We'll accept that form of newsletter, though it's hard to post your picture on our fridge this way. Merry Christmas!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Merry Merry Christmas!

cold cocoa said...

This looks harder than whipping up a newsletter from scratch!

Merry Christmas. Way to get it done before the Big Day.

LC said...

Fun format. You guys had a good year. I like the haircut.

Becky said...

Water skiing in October - I'm still aghast.

Merry Christmas to you!

Firefly said...

I've enjoyed your blog in 2008... and now you'll just have to keep on being funny in 2009. Oh the pressure!
Hey I really like the haircut - it looks awesome. I hope your family had a fabulous Christmas!

Ronnica said...

Fun pictures from what looks like a fun year!

And not to be a totally nerd (okay, maybe I am), is the tree an oak? Certain types of oaks drop their leaves in their spring (something about the leaves keep the sap flowing throughout to keep it alive).

T said...

Ronnica - it's an oak... and yeah, we'd heard something about it being the way this tree is supposed to be, but for some reason I REALLY want to go out there and pick all the leaves off every fall... I can wait though... but trust me - as soon as the first one falls in the spring I'm out there "encouraging" the rest to come off!