Monday, January 5, 2009

Newsflash! - The World is ROUND!

and I know because my kids pointed it out when I was coming up with my latest excuse for not blogging recently!  Apparently none of you would have believed "fell off the face of the earth"...  This blog has been stagnant... and my poor book blog looks like I haven't read a thing (and yet I have!) 

Of course, this brings to mind all of those News Blurbs - you know, the ones that grab your attention and make you actually want to stay tuned for the 10 o-clock news...  and then they save that story for the very end.  Staying up 'til 10 is really no big deal for me... but most days staying up 'til 11 is a touch harder - apparently it has something to do with getting old?  At least that's what the teenager says.  You know what though - half of the time that News Blurb that promises "new findings about your health" is telling me that excessive fat can harm your health - or that drinking a lot of water can reduce your risk of constipation.  What's with that?  Why is it "news" when we've known it forever?  (or at least we SHOULD have known it forever!)

So what have I been up to?  Well, you'll just have to trust me that you don't want the details because it turns out I've been rather ill...  can't seem to completely kick the flu bug that I picked up.  I woke up feeling a little punk still this morning and saw my son picking at the last of yesterday's Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread... kind of felt nauseated - but then realized that it wouldn't make me feel SICKER, so I had a piece... I was right, didn't feel any sicker at all, even after two more pieces :)

F.Y.I. - Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread is a great way to utilize that dough that doesn't quite work out...  I was going to teach the boy how to make Cinnamon Rolls... but using the old recipe in the new bread machine just didn't work as well...  

Hopefully now that the kids are back to school I can be a blogger extraordinaire :)  Tomorrow I'll finally tell the story that I promised a long time ago...  since some of you have thought I was exaggerating when I said I spent 1/2 my childhood on crutches.  (yep, a little exaggeration... it was really closer to 1/4)


jewelstreet said...

Mmmm. Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread. That sounds delicious. Sorry you've been ill. Hopefully, you will be back to normal again soon.

I know what you mean about the kids going back to school. I was excited to get up this morning then I found out it was a 2hr. fog delay, but at least, she still went. lol.

SWIRL said...

Still have ONE more WEEK with kids out of school. (arg!) I would love to promote your storytime blog- I just don't really "get it" I'm slow that way.

You post a story "starter" and then you want the comments to add to the story.. and create a story? Is that the idea.
? and if you have book reviews!!! where? where?

on my site: I have a "round up" page where I am hoping people will come and drop links back to their blogs with book reviews!
THanks for the visits!

T said...

ahhh Swirl... the story time blog is dying its last breaths... it was one of those brilliant ideas that didn't catch on (my family always did those cooperative stories growing up)... I keep thinking I'll give it one more try... but then real life intervenes.
The Book Reviews are posted at - and I PROMISE I'll update it soon... really :)

Jewel - fog delay? boy, I really have been living in the land of good weather for a long time because I'd forgotten about such things! Glad it was a delay and not a cancellation - everyone needs to get school back on schedule as soon as possible!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That story blog sound great!!! Get on that please! :)

Oh and about is true...yet I still go to the store...I know, I'm totally gross! lol!

So were your crutches for like leg braces like Forrest Gump?

:) Can't wait to hear the story!

cold cocoa said...

Your flu sounds a little pregnancy-like to me. Not saying that, but just reminiscent.

As for staying up late, it's always been a struggle for me so can't totally say it's due to oldness, right? But The Bachelor is on tonight, so I'll be up!

LC said...

Oooo. No fun to be have illness when you should be basking in the afterglow of Christmas.
How about hot dogs? If those sound good than you know you are definitely over any bugs.

SWIRL said...

Hey T - I went over to your book review blog- I Love it!

Please come play on my Round Up site- every Wednesday I post a new topic or theme, I want people like you to drop a link back to your site/post related to the topic. You can see what I mean at

Heidi Ashworth said...

On the edge of my seat (where I shall teeter until Weds.)

just the five of us said...

How funny, I was thinking the same thing as Cold Cocoa! M needs a little sister or brother:D, then she won't want to live at the neighbors house, she will have a built in friend:D

And as for bachelor....I totally forgot...DANG!!! Jason totally rocks.

T said...

Lest anyone think that Cold Cocoa or Janet are onto something - let me dispel all rumors. Our sweet and highly spoiled M is now and will always be our youngest child... my old body was barely up to the task of bring M to our family, the doctor fully agreed with this diagnosis - and steps have been taken to ensure that M will always have that "blank spot" in her life that we hope the multitudinous younger cousins and her baby dolls will serve to fill :)

Oh, and LC... I can't say that hot dogs EVER sound good to me - does that mean I'm always ill?

Firefly said...

You're Alive! Yea! And not pregnant, Yea! Write on girl.
I've been distracted too, I'm due for a post myself. Thank god the kids are back in school! In fact that is what my facebook status says today!

T said...

hehe... that's what MY facebook said too!