Saturday, May 9, 2009

Considering the Unibrow as a fashion accessory

There is a face I make that creates a little "V" between my eyes...  and I catch myself making this face often because it's my "oh yeah kid - well, I wasn't born yesterday so stop trying to get away with something" face!

Then I happened to catch my reflection in the mirror while making said face!

Now every time I want to question my kids honesty I find myself worried about wrinkles - 
so I stop what I'm doing to gently massage the area between my eyes.  This is very calming to me and my kids are amazed with the amount of junk they are suddenly getting away with.

So, I'm wondering....
                       Is this the way to go?

seriously - I can't think of a better way to disguise the wrinkles that are coming.  I mean - the hair covers 'em right up...  and really, who's looking at anything besides those teeth... or that... ummm "blemish"?

or maybe I'll just stick with the most famous Unibrow of all?


Kristina P. said...

Definitely go with Bert. He's awesome.

Melinda said...

So sad, that girl could actually be pretty! Yeah, I don't mind wrinkles as long as they're smiling wrinkles, not frowning ones! haha

Terresa said...

Unibrows, love it!

My husband used to work with a guy that whenever I saw him, I wanted to pin him down like he was my little boy and pluck the life out of his thick and bushy one-brow. I never got the guts to, darn it.

Don't know where the guy is nowadays, but I'm betting he still sports that nifty one-brow. Maybe he's Bert's evil twin?! ;)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Unlike these unwrinkled youngsters who have already commented, I can only mourn with you.

SWIRL said...

I'm with heidi-
I massage my wrinkles too... I bought sunglasses to help cut out my squinting habit in the sun...

what to do what to do??