Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Patience is a virtue... or at least that's what I hear...

I was never a very patient child... I ruined more than one Christmas surprise by sneaking, peeking, and slicing through a little scotch tape - there's an art to it!

When my kids got all sneaky a few Christmases ago (click here to see HOW sneaky) I thought it was all my fault...  genetics and all?

Turns out they actually take after their Dad! 
  I'm off the hook!!!!

Let me 'splain: a few years ago for Mother's Day my M.I.L. gave all of us daughters and daughters in law a copy of Dr. Laura's book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.  Yes, there were many jokes about how we weren't taking good enough care of her sons, but I'm going to disappoint you all if you're looking for a M.I.L. rant.  I have the best M.I.L. in the world.  Really.  It's not to be argued - it just IS - and I actually really liked the book and well, probably ought to give it an annual re-read to keep me on track!

Warning:  If you are my SIL - read no further
really - stop now...
seriously - it'll ruin your Sunday morning surprise...
well, you've been warned!

This year - a package arrives in the mail... all wrapped in a brown envelope and taped up - and feeling DISTINCTLY like a book.  M.O.T.H. and I had bets on whether or not I'd get the newest Dr. Laura installment for Mother's day (except we were both betting on "yes"...  not much to argue about there) and he wanted me to Immediately open the package.  

Me: (totally wanting to open the package) - "oh, I can wait... but to keep YOU happy..." (I'm already peeling back the tape)

M.O.T.H. - "you can't wait, you don't have patience"  (he's right... but I'm stubborn)

Me: (no words, I just put the package on the bed and went to get my pajamas)

M.O.T.H. - (also, no words... but when I turned around the package was opened - and I smiled because...) "she WRAPPED it too?"

Me:  "hehe"

M.O.T.H. - (no words again... but he tore a corner off my present!)
yep - there's the new Dr. Laura book - resting 1/2 wrapped on my Cozy...  and I'm totally excited to read it... after I finish unwrapping it on Sunday :)  Of course, now that M.O.T.H. has wrecked this surprise I'd better get two slices of Bacon with my Breakfast in Bed!  (no worries guys - I'm a Turkey Bacon girl...  and it has nothing to do with the Swine/N1H1 scare!)

See, I CAN be patient... after all - I'm still trudging through Little Women for book club... but that's ANOTHER story!


Kristina P. said...

Who knew Dr. Laura wrote so many books? Not I. I think that my Snuggie and your Cozy should have a smackdown.

T said...

KP - you're on! Oh wait... didn't we just do that... though it was admittedly a little one-sided... Maybe we'll use Crash's get-together to finally prove who's the softest (holy cats though it's HOT in July!)

(see how patient I am... I didn't check my blog for comments for almost 5 minutes!)

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with waiting to open presents -- my problem is, I'm always anxious to give presents! I can never wait until the actual birthday and we end up celebrating birthdays for a whole week as the presents come trickling in. Christmas is a NIGHTMARE!! I have to hide the presents from myself!

cold cocoa said...

How dare you reveal what i'm getting for Mother's Day??

I'm glad you are such a Dr Laura fan. Me too, though it's kind of too bad when she's on the radio I have to censor her regular swearing, since the kids are in the car.

T said...

ACK! I hadn't thought that I was spoiling the surprise for my SIL readers - sorry CC... I'll add a quick disclaimer for the others :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ok I think I finally signed up to follow you, I don't know why it took me so long and I swear I tried it already, but better late than never.

K I tried to comment on your bragedy ann post but it didn't let me. Color me so impressed and I seriously need you to come to my house. Holy organizational skills Batman!!! That is amazing and definitely something worth bragging about. And totally loved the braggedy ann picture. So perfect.

And as for spoiling surprises, I have to admit I can usually wait. But I have huge patience issues, hence many life experiences to make this weakness a stregnth, dang.

Thanks for visiting Smart Helm, that was very kind of you.

Smart Helm said...

Hey NHC, I wanted to thank her myself! I guess u'll just get two thanks.

Truth be told, I know who u are. I'm of the lurker persuasion when I don't know a person personally (and that means in person - MQ).

Thank u for ur birthday wish! I'm of the oppisite thought when it comes to waiting... I got a package in the mail for my birthday on MONDAY and haven't opened it yet! I just love to keep surprises going as long as possible.. especially when they involve PRESENTS!

Melinda said...

I have the Proper Care & Feeding, my sister got it for me. I couldn't get past the forcing yourself to have sex if you don't want to. ;) No really it is a good book! My husband is totally the same way (and I am too! shhhhh), I so get it!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I totally loved Little Women as a young girl but somebody who recently read it as an adult said that it is awfully preachy from an adult perspective. Hmmmmm

April said...

Patience is a virtue??? I'm screwed! BTW...did you not watch Oprah where we learned that regular bacon is better than turkey bacon? True story! You are welcome! :)