Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Wednesday, It's a picture... but the wordless thing KILLS me!

I'm a confident parent... really - I've taken this particular child to the store wearing a homemade super bouncy boy cape, cowboy boots, and shorts (okay, he was about 3 years old)... and endured the looks - but when he came out of the bathroom having combed his hair to look like Alfalfa... I had to cringe.

But before cringing I wanted a picture of COURSE!

he misunderstood my desire I think

because he's pretty sure that this is his big breakthrough into the world of Child Acting.

The conversation went something like this...

Po: go ahead Mom, take a picture, but get my good side.
Mom: is one of these angles better than the other?
Po: you told me I looked like that guy from that one movie (ummm... he's never seen Little Rascals)
Mom: well, TV show actually (I guess it's both, but I never saw the movie either)
Po: so maybe when they re-do it they'll pick me?
Mom: (sometimes it's just best to stay silent - this was one of those times...)
Po: how do kids get in movies anyway - I mean, I could have been the kid in Diary of A Wimpy Kid if I knew they were looking.  Maybe we should move to California?
Mom:  well, there are probably more casting directors per square mile in California than here...  but...
Po: (ignoring any negative talk - now announcing it to the whole family) Time to move, we're going to California guys!

5 minutes later he'd planned the entire move - and his first Oscar acceptance speech.

5 minutes after that he was on the bus... off to another day of torturing his 5th grade teacher.

my apologies to the teacher...  but considering that I did "encourage" him to tame the hair - maybe we can call it even?

maybe if Teachinfourth's Moments with Joey posts ever get made into a movie he'll have a shot at that?


Kristina P. said...

Haha. He looks like a little ham!

Barbaloot said...

He can pull off the Alfalfa look. Maybe you guys should watch the movie together?

MommyJ said...

Please, please, please don't ever be wordless. Your words are far too fun to leave them out.

LC said...

We'll take Po with us.
Kate thinks she's destined for the movies and that we need to move to L.A. ASAP.
I'm all for it--as long as we can live right on the beach.

Megz said...

Hey, don't you know know that Hollywood comes to UT these days? And the church is making a bunch of New Testament films in the big city of Goshen? And they're looking for extras? And as long as he didn't comb his hair that way for the auditions he could kinda look Middle Eastern.
(sorry Laura, don't think Kate could pass!)

Annette Lyon said...

He's the next Ed Grimley!

Lisa said...

Well, you've seen MY son's hair, so I'm thinking you and I now have one more thing in common. Except my son doesn't expect to become famous. Good luck with that. :)

Sher said...

Nice picture of Po. I think I'll say a prayer of thanks that nobody around here even thinks being a movie star is a good idea:)

wendy said...

I love that photo. I guess you better contact a'd hate to crush his dreams
and stand in the way of his success.

think of the guilt you would carry (tee,hee)

Garden of Egan said...

He is so dang cute!!!!!

Missy said...

I am really liking this look!

Teachinfourth said...

I'd take him in my class in a heartbeat...

I could always use another 'Joey."