Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Future Planning - Sweet M Style

H had her hair cut last week - a sassy little short do that is perfect for the summer.

M, being H's shadow, was looking on. She wanted a cute short do as well - but she was having stress over the decision. Thinking that the decision would take days at most I cleaned up and put away the scissors and cape (the kind that keeps the hair off of the girls, not the kind I wear because I think I'm a Super Hero... I never put that away)

The source of her stress? She finally divulged to me that she wasn't sure she wanted to cut her hair that short because she wanted to have it long for prom.

She is Seven years old.

(we compromised, her hair is now to her shoulders, it should be able to grow back over the next ten years...)

On Sunday sweet M drew pictures in church again (this time she left out the "details" (wrinkles) on my face...

her most interesting picture was the design she made for her wedding cake.

13 layers... that's probably unlucky or something... unlucky for whoever has to drive it from the bakery to the reception at least!

This is a girl who has her life planned out!

Romance: I have been told a list of qualities and requirements... I might have added a few...

Career: She has moved from Doctor to Veterinarian (or Vegetarian... depending on whether or not she's confused that day)

House: She draws house plans with rooms dedicated to all of her favorite things... her friend A, movies, swimming, her sister... these are mansions of course and so she has a fall back plan in case she's not independently wealthy... she'll stay with me.

I am adding "independently wealthy" to the Romance list right now.

Kids: all girls - because boys are annoying.

I'm assuming that "not annoying" is already on her list for the perfect husband.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, is she reading Harlequin novels on the side?

McArthurs said...

haha!! Maybe if we would of dreamed bigger with pictures of mansions we would of all been a little better off. I have all the mansion pictures all over my house too!

Sher said...

She wants to marry a boy but not have any kids that are boys. She must like Dad and get annoyed with the brothers huh? H has cute hair, I'm sure M's hair is great too. Next time you should drive lots of hours and have Tia do the haircuts so you can hang out with me. Wear your cape, we'll see if ours match:)

stephanie said...

I love that she is worried about her hair for prom.

I hope she finds a boy to marry that is not annoying. Anyway, I am sure she won't find him annoying until a couple years after getting married.

Garden of Egan said...

OK, that's funny.
I hope her hair will grow. If not you can get her extensions or something.

Nice to know she knows what she wants out of life.

Heidi (lilmommyfoofoo) said...

Totally sounds like my 6 year old, but she just got 11 inches cut the day she graduated Kindergarten. Her choice.

She has her life all planned too.


p.s. love the cake drawing. :)

Kazzy said...

Oh, so funny how little girls are already into hair and weddings and houses. Boys just want to shoot things and break things.

Gina said...

This is the kind of sweet and funny stuff that make kids so entertaining to be around. You want to laugh a little and cry a little at the same time :)

Cheeseboy said...

Boys are annoying, but she is already getting ready for prom? Me thinks her opinions will be changing.

Hope she had a very happy birthday.