Monday, May 4, 2009

Going a little Braggedy-Ann on ya!

with all due apologies to Crash for stealing her "braggedy-ann" term - hopefully she will feel as flattered as Shakespeare does whenever I quote him ;)

But to make it clear - THIS is Raggedy-Ann:
and THIS is Braggedy-Ann... see, she's got somethin' to brag about... and it's not her fashion sense!

I have finally completed a few of those projects which all sat around for weeks (months)... wanna see?  do ya do ya do ya?  
First we have the cards I FINALLY sent!
Next is the bathroom that we finally got the finishing touches put on...

and then the food storage corner that got dusted and organized...
and the holiday corner that got moved from the closet - maybe now I'll decorate for groundhog's day?
the crafty corner (now if I'd just clear the countertop!)  I built those little wall cubbies all with my own little hands!!!
the scrapbook closet (formerly the holiday storage)
the camping closet

Sorry about all the bragging - I just needed to remind myself (and the M.O.T.H.) that we've come a long way baby!  (and yes honey, I do still plan to clean the house before my parents drop by this weekend)

I also helped re-stain the playground and fence in the backyard this weekend - but the only photographic evidence is the additional freckles that are currently covering my forearms.  I scrubbed and scrubbed until the biggest dots faded somewhat (who needs fake tanner?) but was not heartened when M.O.T.H. told me that nobody would notice - "they'll just think they're age spots"... gee, thanks!


Kristina P. said...

What to come to my house and organize my Snuggies?

Megz said...

What's wrong with freckles? They are merely a sign of a healthy relationship with the sun.
Good job on your organizing. And if you're like me, good luck on keeping it that way!

Becky said...

Geez, you've been busy!! Nice work.

And just out of curiosity, it's her boobs, right? That's what Braggedy-Ann has to brag about. Her perky boobs. Darn her to heck.

T said...

heck Becky - you and your language! I was thinking those long legs were braggable, the outfit doesn't really show off her upper assets :)

Megz - notice I took pictures to prove that it was organized... it won't stay that way for long!

KP - how many snuggies does one girl need? I guess two, since you'll need one to cover the rear :) (good thing you got that new one!)

Kritta22 said...

Seriously AWESOMENESS!!!

ANd I'm sooo jealous of your food storage rack!

Anonymous said...

There still are only 24 hours in a day, right? How the heck did you accomplish this otherwise?!! I'm very proud of you -- and jealous of all those cansolidators in your pantry!

Anjeny said...

A total wow...way to go!! I'm drooling over your crafty corner and scrapbook closet....all those organized papers. Can I come and just bask in that awesomeness?

I'm inspired to go organize my crafty corner too but I just don't have all those neat and cute gadgets you call shelves...oh and another built those little wall cubbies all by yourself? That is absolutely incredible..can you come build some for me too? eheh

I am sooo ticklishly proud of you...good job!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha about the age spots.

GO SMACK you hub for me. I can't believe he said that.

And I LOVE your braggedy ann photo. That is classic. Priceless. I may have to steal it sometime. Of course I'm flattered that you stole from me so I thought I'd return the compliment.

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH YOU GOT DONE! It's amazing. Your organization skills ROCK THIS WORLD. I'm in shock and awe right now.

I would be happy just to get the cards sent.

Em said...


And here I was all proud of myself for pushing the vacuum cleaner around. My bedroom.

Remind me to come to your house in case of alien invasion. Your food storage is awesome.

cold cocoa said...

I love organizing! And throwing away, and making things neat. Great for you- an inspiration for my next projects.

H.K. said...

I have to keep my comments short now, because I need to go and organize! And I owe that to you for inspiring me, my husband will thank you later!

Debbie said...

W.O.W. Nice job. We all need to have a pat on the back every once in a while so bragging is ok by me. Amazing. I'm curious what the clipboard in your foodstorage room is for. I'm just getting going and I like tips.
My hubby keeps trying to throw away my holiday decorations. I need a fun corner like you.

T said...

Debbie - the clipboard is for those "oh, yeah I need to remember...." moments - how many times do I think "there's almost no bread in this freezer" before that translates into adding it to the shopping list? Ta-dah - now the clipboard (and attached pencil) solves that problem for me!

all of this organization has been the project of the last few months - really wish I could claim it as a weekend project, that would make me supergirl (who has an even better costume than braggedy ann)

Melinda said...

I SO LOVE organizing! I wish I had the time and money, and...will power to do that! By the way, how many freaking closets do you have anyway?! haha

stephanie said...

looks Great! I am impressed!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Are you for hire???

T said...

Melinda - the crafty corner/holiday corner/food storage corner are all in one large storage room. The scrapbook closet and camping closet are just off said storage room - actually, the bathroom is also just off said storage room... so now that I think about it this is about 1/8 of my house... which means that I have 7/8 left to organize! Ack!!!

val of the south said...

Holy Cow - I love it!!!

I often start organizing, but I lose steam right after the part where I've made a huge mess, before it all gets put back in an orderly fashion!

Way to go for bringing it full circle!!

April said...

I think I've seen that girl at Texas Roadhouse on Hallwe'en....when the hub and I renamed get the idea! Great job on the organizing! That's why I like you so much!

The Sports Mama said...

The age-spot comment would have gotten Coach locked in the camping closet. Assuming, of course, that we had a camping closet and that it was even half as organized as yours is. Which... we don't. Silly man would have totally lucked out.

Or gotten kicked in the shins. I've found that's just easier. :)