Monday, December 3, 2012

If you give a Mom a Moment (with apologies to Laura Numeroff)

If you give a Mom a moment she is going to want to do something with it. Probably in the kitchen.

Before she can do anything she decides the counter really needs to be cleaned off so she grabs the 409 spray and gets right to work.

Smelling the chemical aroma of the disinfectant will remind her of fingernail polish and she will remember that she has had Orange polish on since Halloween.

She will then decide that the counter will still be there in a few minutes and run to remove the old polish. She will even manage to paint ONE of her fingernails in a festive bright red.

The nail polish will remind her that she recently bought new glittery red nail polish at the grocery store.

She will abandon all hope of perfectly manicured nails and return to the kitchen to search through the as yet unpacked groceries.  She will find hamburger buns.

Hamburger buns will remind her that she also bought a package of hamburger.  She will hope that the hamburger got unpacked and refrigerated (unlike the cheese which spent 36 hours in the car last week).

She will realize that it is high time to find the beef.  "Where's the Beef?" This will remind her of a commercial back in the dark ages (when she grew up) that wasn't as funny as everyone thought.

This will remind her of the blog she used to write on a regular basis.

She will mentally commit to NOT let another month slip by without writing.  This will cause much internal debate about what to write about and what to omit.  In the end she will decide that it's all water under the bridge.

Bridges remind her of the Tower Bridge which she saw on a trip, but she will quickly remind herself that she is NOT going to rehash the past.

Tapping her nails on the counter she will notice the one bright red nail and decide to return to the bathroom to finish the job.

On the way down the hall she will notice the clock.  The clock will remind her that she has children who need to be picked up from buses/school/play practice soon...

...and She will wish she had a moment...

(for the record - the counter is still 1/3 clean - all 10 nails are now painted... even if it did take another 48 hours - and the beef was in the freezer)


Barbaloot said...

You blogged!! I don't even know how long it's been but I like when your blog is in bold in my reader.

Glad you took a moment:)

S said...

Thank you for the smile! I really needed it today!

Sher said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. That was super nice. Thanks for your blog -- it sounds like me!

LC said...

Glad to have your sparkling wit back in the blog world.

Jen T said...

Welcome back! Have missed you! This is great, and I am sure Laura Numeroff won't mind ;)

Garden of Egan said...

Why hello long lost friend from the desserted island.

Michelle said...

He he. At least the important stuff got done.

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