Monday, July 14, 2008

All the other things we did...

Okay - it was a little bit of a crazy week - so you just get a general re-cap (because otherwise I'd never get around to all these TAGs flying around)
Last Sunday I had a weird moment at church - this lady sat behind our family and I spent the whole meeting (at least when I wasn't wholly focussed on testimonies) wondering where on earth I knew her from...  3 hours and some later when at home I got a phone call that put that question to rest - she's a master of the scrapbook and a personal guru (Lisa Bearnson) and I felt a little silly that I didn't recognize her - though maybe that was good because I would have felt even more silly introducing myself to her and asking her to autograph my CTR 7 manual :).  I did however go and visit her blog and apologize for my children who I'm sure kept her from paying much attention to the meeting - her response was very gracious and restored my faith in humanity (or at least my faith that my children will someday be human)
Monday was a lot of fun - well, parts of it were.  I attended my first PTA meeting for the new school year (too early!), this one was for the Intermediate School and actually turned out to be an enjoyable meeting, despite the fact that it took way too long.  I think I will like the new principal and W will do well at the school - I suggested a new fund-raiser that we are going to be doing... I won't give it all away but it involves over a thousand rubber duckies :)  
That night for Family Night we had a pie-eating contest... the .58 variety at WalMart worked for most of the family, but there are a few that stuck with moon pies even though they took longer to eat (all that marshmallowey goodness)!

Tuesday we mostly stayed home during the day - M was of course only interested in playing with her friends and I enjoyed watching them writing their names, their siblings' names, and then arguing about their parents' names... "hey, M O M spells MY mom!"
Tuesday night was also pack meeting, new scouts, boy scouts, and EQ meeting - so while Q dealt with the oldest two and their transportation needs - I packed up the younger ones and their swim gear and headed back to the water park where I got nicely crisp earlier in the summer.  Luckily we spent less than two hours and were home in time for... whatever it was the kids were watching while I zoned.

Wednesday was a Luncheon for the Treehouse Museum Committee - it was encouraging and stressful at the same time... after Monday's Pie Eating contest I was TRYING to eat only healthful foods - luckily someone had supplied a fruit plate while I single-handedly demolished :)  After that meeting was over (and a quick library visit) I read my night away.  Oh - which brings me to mention something from Tuesday...  I had received a few e-mails regarding my book review and I was talked into a whole new blog experience - so check it out if you want, the link is on the side bar somewhere.  I'm open to guest reviews if anyone has anything!!

Thursday was all about insurance - well, at least the first few hours were - a home health nurse came by to give Q and I quick once overs for our new life insurance... and hopefully we'd been good enough to our bodies that we won't be turned down!

Friday - that began the camping...
getting everything ready wasn't too terrible, H wasn't too keen on going, but she was a trooper about it and we got there and set up with nary a worry... Just as we were thinking about starting a fire to cook up the tin-foil dinners we notice a cloud moving in...  Po predicted we had 40 minutes, and he was pretty close after all, but we ate ham and cheese sandwiches in the safety of the tent.  The brand new tent mind you that hadn't been rain tested yet and had a few seam issues...  so while it wasn't disastrous, I would beg of you to please use seam sealant PRIOR to putting 7 people in a tent for the night!

Saturday we woke up and did a little fishing... although I think the fish would have called it Fish Observing...  they were there, they were swimming right in front of us, but they had no interest in rubber caterpillars, fake grasshoppers, or even the many real dragonflies that were sacrificed to the cause.  We then did a little hiking (very little) and headed for home - despite the protests of M, who wanted to keep going.

Once we were home Q found out that he was going to have to take over and speak in 2 wards on Sunday...  Being the supportive wife that I am I said that once we got the kids all bathed I would help him write the talk... and promptly fell asleep.  I don't even remember H getting done with her shower...  maybe I helped most by staying out of the way because Q did a great job.

Sunday - Okay, church is only 3 hours right... sometimes it feels like 6.  I answered an amazing number of silly questions from 6 and 7 year olds - and somewhere in there I'm sure someone learned something.  I learned that constant entertainment while desirable to the average child is virtually impossible.  I also learned that my children DO have the capacity to sit still for more than 3 minutes if their father is speaking from the pulpit!

Today... well folks, I'm still wearing my Tinkerbell pajamas and I'm on laundry load #4 - making sure that tonight's swimming adventures will go off without a hitch - and updating all of this blog stuff... isn't that enough - remember that constant entertainment is not really possible!


Malinda said...

Sounds like you had a busy week, my weeks are never that busy. I usually have boring weeks, that is until we go on vacation on July 30 and when school starts again in a month, 4 weeks from today. I never asked, but what are the names of your kids? I know your husband is Quinn. I just haven't kept in contact with you for years and I hope this time I don't lose contact with you.

LC said...

What a week. I loved the fish-observing picture.
Good idea to do a book review blog.

Megz said...

You write Q's talks for him? I can't imagine Hub entrusting me with tht one, though I am sure it would be a lot more spicy than his version. He doesn't like spicy talks I guess.
Sounds like you need a vacation and Utah Valley is the place to be!

cold cocoa said...

You are foodly creative. FHE sounds like fun. I imagine that is perfect for boy teen/pre-teen fun.

T said...

oh... Q would never let me write his talks for him, but I am a really good researcher and typist :) Unless of course I'm asleep, then the skills are a bit diminished. We're looking forward to the family reunion and the break from everything it affords us... of course, now I just need to pack - that's enough stress for me!