Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Need I say more?

Okay, so best as I can figure some unwritten rule exists about some person named Nell who "ozed"?  Maybe they should have just picked up a "Keep Out" sign at WalMart.

I feel bad for the poor sap who had this sign printed - but I feel worse for the pathetic guy who actually printed it!  Even the most archaic word processing programs have some sort of spell check - and really... Unauthorozed?  ugh, and me with no marker on hand... okay, I might not have tried to fix this one since two lifeguards were stationed within two feet of it... I do have my pride even if they don't.

FYI - in case you were wondering - it's the skyline pool.


Michelle said...

I dare say that spell checking has nothing to do with the printing profession. Faulty T-shirts, signs, posters all suffer from public exposure and yet the producers rarely care. In journalism, we were the copy editors and I think that we put in more mistakes than we actually fixed.
I am a miserable speller and probably wouldn't have noticed at all.

cold cocoa said...

That is funny. Russell and I love finding all the mistakes in the newspapers and on the news, usually on Fox 13 night news. It is so sad when people who have professional jobs don't learn basic grammar!

Megz said...

I just pronounce it with a heavy British accent and then it doesn't seem so bad. And the saddest thing was when you said it was the Skyline pool and in my head I said, "Well then, that makes sense." I guess I am more inclined to think more spelling errors occur in them thar parts.

Chelsi said...

I LOVE that you noticed that--obviously there aren't enough of us that do. Hilarious!

R2K said...

: )