Monday, July 28, 2008

Everyone has a book in them...

As I was reading a book yesterday one of the characters mentioned the cliche that "everyone has a book in them" - the character wasn't so sure it was true... personally I'm sure everyone has a STORY in them, but a book... well, frankly the thought of reading a book written by some people I can think of just scares me to death!  

So here's the deal - if you had a book in you - what would it be about?  What would the title be... or hey, if some author already stole the book in you before you had a chance to write it yourself, what book was it?

Myself, I'm pretty sure my book is a bunch of short stories with promising beginnings - I'm never very good at sticking with a story to the end.  I'd probably have a good mix of teen angst (but no romance) and parental idiocy... Kind of a Roald Dahl and Jerry Spinelli blend (though they would both groan if they read that!)


cold cocoa said...

The Dream Contortionist and other Mixed Realities.

It would be a fictional non-fiction. Historical non-history.

It would be AWESOME!!

Megz said...

I totally forgot what my comment was going to be when I read CC's. Who can compete with mixed realities and a historical non-history?
I too don't believe we all have a book in us, but I am pretty sure everyone has a 'post' in them. Isn't that why we have blogs? Because we don't quite have enough material in us for a full on autobiography?
Back to the Dream Contortionist...CC, that book is going to have to go straight to paperback you know.

Michelle said...

We'll see if the book in me is good enough for publishing when I finish it. I'm so excited for school to start!
My book has fantasy, adventure, and (sorry T) romance because those are the books I like to read. Don't worry, none of you are a character, but I might borrow some of your better traits to make my characters more real.

LC said...

As a kid I fantasized about being the main character in Island of the Blue on the beach making tools out of fish bones, skirts out of palm leaves, and then there's the many uses of seashells. see my beach obsession goes way back.
The real book of LC would be full of embarassing humiliating moments---and it would be a full on book. So, I'll just escape back to being my survivor/heroine on my own private island.

T said...

Ha, I can total see LC making a whale blubber and seaweed salad, tossing the bits in the air with her shell salad tongs :)

The Gibsons said...

I would have to give it a lot of thought what kind of book in me would be. I think it would probably have to be a mystery and I am the one solving it.

ipa said...

I really do have a book in me - in fact part of it is already on paper. Based on my own experiences (of course - nothing orig there!) as a 16 year old pregnant teen in a home for unmarried mothers in 1950s England. Funny - sad - thoughtful! I hope!
Title...hmm...don't know yet!