Monday, April 14, 2008

Girl Time, Health, Parties, and books...

my mother was in town...  need I say more?  We sewed and played cards, and even got our nails done.  I'd post a picture but it will have to wait until you see me in person (can't bring myself to have Q photograph my hands) - and by then I may have even figured out how to remove my contacts without causing damage to my eyesight!  I even got a pedicure - again, no picture - I could actually hold the camera for that one but really - who would want to see my toes, even if they are painted "Night in New York" purple (or something like that)

Everyone is now officially healthy here at the St. G. Branch of the  C. family hotel - April currently has 9 of 14 nights with the guest room occupied and 3 more booked this week - now is the time to make your reservations :)  (seriously though, good company is always welcome and the weather IS beautiful)

I hesitate to post this next info - but Q never checks out the blog, so I'm fairly safe - he hits the big four-oh this next week and if anyone has any plans to be in our little corner of the world this coming Friday night give me a call ahead of time so that I can share the info with you - I know that D&S will be down here but I'm guessing that most everyone else will be eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival.

And the big news - thanks to Erin for insisting that I blog - a friend put me onto a free book for bloggers deal, so now everyone can be excited for the next 3 months while they eagerly await my Q&A with the author after I've read his new novel.  I won't reveal any other details yet... well, okay, stop twisting my arm - it's J Scott Savage - and to be completely honest I have yet to read anything of his, and I will likely wait until after I read this to explore his other works so as to not taint my opinion.  That, and I have a large stack of books to get through right now!

okay, that's all, really.


cold cocoa said...

Wow- the book thing is exciting!
And Tonya, you can't be a true blogger unless you post those pictures of those hands and feet. We will not laugh. Well, maybe we will, but you won't hear it! I've never had a pedicure or manicure so I need to live through you, fellow blogger. I am still deciding whether to show my leg. I want to do a before Jergen's Natural Glow (tanning lotion) and after. But if you won't even show your hands/feet?!

LC said...

I dare you to do it cold cocoa. I have tried the face sunglow and thought i saw some results but BD said I should get my money back-ha.