Monday, October 6, 2008

Fastest Tag in the West.

This one wasn't originally part of tag week - but Mariann responded so quickly to mine so I'll return the favor... besides, once I dug out the right photo - 1/2 the work is done!

So here it is:  the rules of this tag were to open your photo program, go to the 6th folder, then choose the 6th photo in the folder...  easy peasy :)

The photo is from day one of the 2007 C family reunion (I think I'm right on the year...)  The athletic people in the family were playing tennis and the others (yep, that'd be me) were taking the kids for a walk.

I am just glad nobody wanted pictures from a few weeks prior when the girls chose to cut their own hair (after I let them watch The Parent Trap - apparently they wanted to be twins?)  a year and a half later and I still hate those photos!

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mariann and Tory said...

Sweet! Wasn't that a fun tag! Really easy! I love the random pictures to! Its fun to see what everyone has!