Saturday, October 4, 2008

Would she even remember if I never did the tag?

That's what I said to myself back in early July when Erin challenged us to a tag - and now I'm sure the answer is "no" BUT... since I'm doing tag week around here, I can't leave this one out...  I'd like to say it's because I'm excited to answer her questions, but frankly - I don't remember what they are - so here goes nothing:

Favorite Day of The Week:  Monday?  yeah, not a popular opinion - and not LAST Monday in particular - but I like that my house is generally clean from the weekend cleaning burst of energy (and forcefulness) and that I get some time to just read to my youngest and relax before the week takes hold.  Actually, come to think of it - Monday was actually the best day even this week... 
Favorite Candy Bar:  I'll have to go with a PayDay bar... lots of sugar, lots of nuts, yummy caramel - and no nasty chocolate.  If you're surprised that I don't like chocolate you obviously didn't read the post yesterday.
Favorite Restaurant:  Hmmm...  Maybe Applebee's - there's some other places that I'd PREFER to eat, but don't because the price is a tad steep... so the practical side of me will stick with yummy and affordable.
Favorite Fast Food:  If Subway isn't fast enough for you I don't know what to tell you - Wendy's does have one good salad and I indulge in their lemonade as often as possible...  it might be a tie.
What City in UT would you most like to live?  Hmm...  I think I'm good, a smidge to one side or the other would be okay, but I like my city.  Who decided on Utah though?  
Would you prefer Hubby to bring home a bouquet of flowers or a pint of ice cream?  Neither would last long, but make it ice cream :)  And while we're indulging, could it be white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough ice cream?
Anchorwoman or small shop owner?  Really this one's a toughie - but the ability to sit and tell the masses what I think... that's swaying my opinion pretty swiftly!
Magazine Editor or Big City Prosecution Attorney?  oh, Magazine Editor anyday...  as long as I don't get stuck at Car and Driver or something...
Favorite Household Chore?  does blogging count?  okay then, I like arranging the bookshelves... oh, I can hear Erin whining already - FINE - I pick vacuuming.
Least Favorite?  The competition is strong here - Bathrooms... there are too many boys in our family.
Favorite Cereal?  Rice Krispies... plain, no sugar...  or bran flakes... I'm getting old.
Favorite Season?  Autumn
Favorite ACTIVE activity?  Walking - as long as I'm with someone I like to chat with and we're not going so fast as to actually breathe hard.  
Favorite LEISURE activity?  Reading, no question there.
Do you take vitamins?  no, BUT before I get nasty e-mails... I am VERY conscious of the amount of nutrition in the foods I eat - so I do get the 100% of my iron, calcium, and a few others that I care about :)
How many tickets?  Oh, shoot, I don't remember this question being in there - I wonder if I could get away with not answering it?
What does retirement bring?  Well, I'm not counting on Social Security benefits - but since we're already living in the perfect area for retirees I think we'll stay put and plan to do some traveling.
What talent do you want to have?  Diplomacy...  that would really be helpful since the kids are entering their teenage years!

Oh, I'm supposed to tag people too?  umm, yeah - for today let's just share a few little tid-bits here in the comments section...  


Hairline Fracture said...

Great questionnaire! (I'm here from SITS, btw.) I think I will have to do this one. We have some things in common but Monday being the favorite day of the week is NOT one of them! It's the opposite for me--I clean less on the weekend, so Monday is my day to start all over again.

T said...

but that's EXACTLY why I love Monday - it's my day to start again... I get one more chance to be a great mom, a good housekeeper, and the perfect wife... by Tuesday that's all out of the question of course!

Becky said...

It's like we're one person! I love Mondays. Ice cream instead of flowers. Boring cereals.

It's a good thing we've never met cuz we just might hate each other. :)

TMI said...

I have to disagree on the Monday thing, but probably because I do my cleaning during the week, and take the weekend off, so it's the worst of a disaster.

But Applebee's and Subway - now I get that. Mmmmm delish!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


cold cocoa said...

I wasn't whining about you rearranging the bookshelves! C'mon now...
That ice cream does sound interesting. And pure in its whiteness.

T said...

okay CC - I was just imagining you protesting that it wasn't a "real" chore... which I guess it isn't, since I only do it once a year :) (exactly why it's my fave!)