Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ack - can it be true??? She wouldn't REALLY???

Some of you (by this I mean my sisters-in-law who have read this blog from the beginning) may remember "tag week" where I basically took every Meme and tag out there and just blew through them as quickly as possible, to get it out of the way.  I think I said something about "never again" at some point...

apparently I lied.  Get used to disappointment princess.  (I think I'm channeling the Dread Pirate Roberts!)

If I'm going to do a Meme - let's all agree that I'm singing it very choir practice like and going up and down the Scale... Me me me me me me me me meeee (etc... until your range lets you down)...  Have I mentioned that I'm actually singing in a choir soon...  so I'm having to do all of those warm-ups again.  Have I ever mentioned before that as I get older my once wonderfully high soprano voice has threatened to go alto on me?  Is it horrible to admit that I'm one of those Lazy Sopranos who just likes singing the melody and the rest of you can work out that harmony crap.  So rather than give in to the aging process I am exercising those vocal cords to be able to sustain my A... no, not THAT A, that's for wimps - one octave up.  Yeah - after our performance I think I'm going to take a 40 hour fast from speaking.  (my kids would LOVE that)

Anywho - I was pleasantly surprised during my blog-hopping adventures to find that Holly (a very nice, deep thinking blogger I met at CBC) had given me this award.

We will all forgive Holly because (bless her heart) it isn't HER fault that the award is pink...  and frankly, since I don't know who I can blame for it I will just have to man up (well...  y'know) and deal with it.  With that I will say a hearty thank you to Holly and accept this award on behalf of all pink haters everywhere.

The rules of my acceptance are that I share ten things about myself - and then pass the award on to ten OTHER blogs that I have recently found and think are gosh darn swell.

Did you know how much I hate following rules?  (that counts as one thing, right?)
I think I mentioned my dislike of pink... even my first baby girl never wore pink until she was about a year.
Hey, I also mentioned that I sing... see, we're already half-way there.
I have never been a real math genius.
I haven't eaten chocolate in 21 years...  coincidentally this is about when I became hard to live with.  Just ask my High School friends.
I spent about 5 years on crutches as a child...  kids stopped teasing me about it pretty quickly (because back then the crutches were all a nice solid HEAVY chunk of wood)
I have a little bit of a violent streak.
I love to redecorate... ManOfTheHouse wishes I would stop moving the furniture on a weekly basis.
If I had a choice between eating and reading I think I'd starve happily while my nose was buried in a book (thus the book blog)
I have to go to the dentist in the morning - not for my wonderful cleaning appointment (which I LOVE) but because I have a stupid rotten cavity (a tiny one) which is probably because I'm still struggling with the concept of brushing up and down when side to side is SO much easier!

and that's it.  ten things.  Ta-dah!!!

the ten other bloggers...  well, here's what we're gonna do...  you see those followers there in the right column... yep - they are ALL awesome people.  use your favorite method of selection (I don't recommend darts unless you print this out first) and visit a few of them.  if you LOVE them like I do - you tell them that they can take the award from here and it will be JUST LIKE I followed the rules.... well, sorta.


Cluttered Brain said...

HAHA! I like "your" rules...They look awfully familar to mine!
Congrats on your award!!

Kristina P. said...

So, I shouldn't send you a pink Snuggie?

gigi said...

Fun things to know about you :)
I hate rules too, unless I'm the one that makes them up!

Garden of Egan said...

Have fun at the dentist.

Living the Scream said...

Congrats on your award! I hate the dentist! Your posts are always so fun to read!

Barbaloot said...

Gosh-I can't even go 21 days without chocolate! You are wonder woman.

I'm totally an alto---but that's cuz I can't sing above the f above middle C. No Joke. I can usually sing the tenor line in the right octave even:)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

You're stilly hero for giving up chocolate.

And I promise NOT to tell my daughter you hate pink. It just might cause her some trauma.

Heather B said...

Give up chocolate? "Inconceivable!!" And Yay for altos--we make the world go 'round. Welcome to the ranks!

Lisa said...

I can see several similarities between us...except for that crutches thing. I always wanted crutches, though, so I think that counts.

Holly said...

Makes me WANT crutches!!

The redecorate thing... so NOT me! There is only one way our furniture fits in the family room that would WORK with the layout, so if the kids try to rearrange as a SURPRISE... yeah... BACK it goes... poor things! HAH!

I LOVE your rules!! That would have been SO MUCH EASIER! But I loved reading your "things about YOU"!

T said...

sounds like we could make our own bloggy choir with this group - we even have a tenor!!!

and Holly - if YOU'd followed my version of the rules I wouldn't have done this, so I'm glad you're not quite as big a rebel as I :)

Sandra said...

Oh T, I like the way your mind works...except for the pink thing, I can't even understand that part...baby girl=pink..but whatev...
Loved your list of 10 things, love pretty much everything you have to say...except the pink hating thing...Again congrats on being a Sugar Doll!

MommyJ said...

I got nothing snappy to say. Just came over to tell you I read your comment over at the Lyon's Tale, and I love you more now. Because of that one comment. I don't know why it struck me as so funny. I mean, it was funny, but you know, funny doesn't always inspire love. But it did tonight, my friend. It did tonight.