Friday, July 23, 2010

The Unvarnished Un-nipped Truth

A few of you, my loyal readers, have actually met me in person.  Some of us have had lunch and witness my eating habits (which often include dropping things on the ground), some of you are related by blood or marriage and have probably witnessed more of my habits than you would have liked.

Some of those habits have gotten me into trouble:
*My habit of saying it like it is?  Lots of trouble over the years... I'm just hoping that as I get older and allow the grey to creep into my hair that people will start thinking of it as "quaint" instead of rude.
*My habit of sticking out my tongue when I'm concentrating?  Okay, so I've bitten it a time or two... but not much trouble.  As far as habits go I don't much worry about that one.
*My habit of wanting to stay indoors and eat eat eat rather than getting out and exercising - this one has caused the BIG trouble.

It's true folks.  I pretended for years - when I met ManOfTheHouse I was outdoors (in a parking lot I believe) and apparently he took this to mean that I was "outdoorsy".  We hiked, we drove his family's four-wheelers, we played tennis (once... never again), I may have even let him believe that I WAS an outdoorsy type of person.

I'm no princess - I can camp.  I even enjoy camping sometimes... like when ManOfTheHouse is 100% in charge of the packing, set up, cooking, clean up, and putting away all of the junk that we had to haul out to the outdoors in order to make it livable for 24 hours.

Is this grounds for an annulment?  Yeah, we've been married 16 1/2 years and we have 5 kids... little late for an annulment I think...  but I'm coming out of the closet (or is it going in?) as an absolute INDOOR person.  I don't like bugs - they freak me out.  I don't like dirt - it's... dirty.  I don't like trees, grass, wind, animals, flowers - they all make me sneeze.  I don't like sleeping on rocks - and let's face it, unless you camp in your backyard, there is going to be a rock directly under your hip every time. Last but not least I don't like sweaty people - and that tent fabric my friends is a sure fire recipe for sweaty people.

But it has to change... I need to learn to LOVE exercise (and not that silly spin-that leaves bruises of unmentionable proportions) and I need to learn to LOVE sweat apparently.  I plan on doing lots of it.

My recent "facebook fifteen" post got me to thinking - and then Shelle and the  Clever Mommy spurred me to action... why am I sitting here indoors and allowing the facebook fifteen to turn into the twitter twenty?  What if it all has to be alliterative???   I'm getting REALLY worried about the Blogger B'jillion!

Starting today - right this minute - I'm joining up with that pushy Clever Mommy and admitting it's time to do something about it.  Fight the Scale Fridays are what she's calling them... and it's entirely possible that I will mention this again on a Friday... but don't avoid me entirely because that downward spiral of depression is NOT good for my metabolism.  I promise to just add a little IW (ideal weight) plus 6 (and then a few) somewhere and to not spend an entire post whining about my cravings for peanut butter   (yumm  ... peanut butter....) or to drone on about the "points" I pack away.   I think I just need to be accountable to someone This week... no number - sorry, I'll be ready to step on that scale next week...  been SO good about my eating but not necessarily the exercising (it's HOT).

Maybe when I'm IW minus 2 and have learned to love the outdoors again ManOfTheHouse and I will go on our own camping trip and leave the sweaty little bodies behind...  and bring a nice cushiony mattress for the tent... and order take-out... and vacuum the campsite... oh forget it - book me a room at the Hilton, this camping stuff is for the birds.  The hot, sweaty, stinky birds.


T said...

the give-away is still open folks - just scroll down...

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

It's funny how you talk about not liking the outdoors and the Screamin Coupon deal is for a River Raft trip! hahahahaha!

Yes you ARE accountable to me, and I have seen you eat, but it's not worse than me! hehehe

I tried to Google Chat you, but I was snubbed, no answer from ya!


Cluttered Brain said...

You are hil-freakin-larious! And yes I am using your word. LOL.

Good luck on your get into shape thing! i think we need i phones or crackberries so we can BOTH WALK and TWEET at the same time.

You with me?
Cause I am SO with me on an crackberry or a droid purchase. :)

Soon very soon.
U have a giveaway going on?
All right! I will check it out!

Kristina P. said...

Good luck, my friend! I just like the idea of nature.

Saimi said...

Yeah, I put in my time with camping when the boys were little. I'm with you on the Hilton it's the only way I'll go now!

Good luck!

MommyJ said...

Go YOU! You can do it... especially because you are now accountable to the interwebs.

cold cocoa said...

I have to admit it too- I would be happy if I never ever have to camp. Sure, we can go up in the mountains and hike and eat dinner, but why sleep? Why must we do that to ourselves? After having babies we already know what happens when we don't get a good's night sleep so why purposely do that? And is it really fun to be stinky for days and use holes for toilets? It was when I was 10, but I've grown out of that phase.

Anyway, good luck with the change of habits. Hard work, but definitely doable!

Jen T said...

I like pictures of places you can camp, but I also like best to look out the window of my hotel and see nature. That is how I like to enjoy it. I am totally not a camping girl--ugh-sweaty tents, yuck.

Megz said...

True accountability is to post pictures of the numbers on the scale. While you're on it. I just started sweating thinking about that.
Good luck with all your non-camping, sweat-provoking desires!

arlee bird said...

I used to do my fair share of hiking and camping, but I've always been an indoor person at heart. But I'm a super outdoorsman compared to my wife. I think she'd be happy if she never had to leave her bedroom.


Tossing It Out

Holly said...

I'm DEFINITELY a HOME BODY!! I totally understand...

LC said...

Ain't that the truth sista!
Allergies really would put a damper on things.

Barbaloot said...

I'm with you---outdoors aren't my thing. I can handle camping occasionally, but it's not something I seek after, that's for sure.

Have fun fighting the scale!