Saturday, July 24, 2010

cha, cha, cha, change of plans

I had some wonderful intentions.  You know what they say about intentions and that paved road to H E double hockey sticks right... well, I've been spreadin' asphalt with the best of 'em  folks.

You see...  I was all ready to actually post a VLOG up here - that's right, I was going to strip off the Hepburn Mask once and for all - well, sorta... turns out my first attempt at filming, because I forgot that I'm not THAT short was actually a chin down version of me...  I'd never noticed how much I use my hands.  I mean, I KNOW that I talk with my hands - but they were flyin' people!  I had a good laugh at myself and was STILL going to post it, then I filmed a short 5 second follow up clip after setting the camera on a stack of books.

Now, I have to tell you that I spent last school year teaching kids all about video editing and uploading.

Why did I tell you that?  Well, because now I cannot get the stupid video to upload properly - the audio just isn't nearly as funny without my decapitated self - so I'm not going to share it.

One Cluttered Brain came to the rescue though and sent me this:

and a list of questions to answer...

of course, the award has its own question - Am I Good, Bad, Or Both.  That's a loaded question - and too many options.  That all depends on what we're talking about.  I'm bad at poker.  I'm good at decorating cakes.

The REAL questions?

What is the silliest prank you've ever pulled on someone?  You know, growing up my dad loved to prop a cup 1/2 full of water above the slightly ajar door so that when someone pushed it open it would spill on them.  That always drove me nuts.  Hmmm... I've got three little girls doing a sleepover in the basement right now...  you think I could lure them away from the basement door for a few minutes?

If you could go on a trip anywhere (in the world, but out of the country) where would it be?  Don't ask why - I don't know, but I've always wanted to visit Australia.  Not the outback part really (except maybe from the nice air-conditioned tour bus) but the Sydney opera house and all that jazz.  I would insist on seeing at least one kangaroo before leaving because I am still rather miffed about there being no freakin' flamingoes in Florida.  Gators we saw... but not one single Flamingo.  Don't get me started on the shortage of key lime pie!

Who plays an influential role in my life?  Hey, nobody warned me this was going to be one of those sappy surveys!  Whatever - my parents, my inlaws, ecclesiastical leaders, Lindsay Lohan.  (hey, they not all POSITIVE influences)

Are you okay with your significant other being friends with their "ex"? I'm pretty sure that ManOfTheHouse has only ever loved me.  He just didn't always know that.  If my sister-in-laws happen to drop by and know differently, they are welcome to share...  but based on the reaction we got when running into a former date (not girlfriend, just date) at the mall - I really wouldn't care if they were facebook friends.  Now... going out to lunch and yukking it up friends - nope.

Favorite Candle Scent?  Easy - sugar cookie.  (unless I'm dieting - in which case nobody better burn any food scented candles because I might eat them.)

Next Movie I am Excited About Seeing?  It's official - we are the last people on earth to go see Eclipse.  Actually though - I still haven't seen Sherlock Holmes (I know - we're just not big into paying a hundred bucks to take the family to the theatre guys!) and I might be more excited about seeing that one...  it's a toss up!

If there were one word that you could ban from all usage - to be obliterated from the dictionary and never again uttered or written - what would it be?  Here's me, being bad with rules again - I'm picking a phrase - specifically "no offense, but..."  because let's be honest - any words that come after that have been carefully chosen to offend me but let the speaker say them anyway.   There is no carte blanche of offense people - either admit that you're being rude or manage to keep it to yourself.

Do you have any relatives in jail?  Yep, but that isn't my story to tell.  Love ya Jas.

What Crazy Fads were popular when you were a teenager?  so many stupid black jelly bracelets that your skin couldn't breathe intertwined with one big long snaky metal bracelet that I had to twist onto my arm each morning.  hair so high in the air that my yearbook picture couldn't contain it all.  and CDs were brand spankin' new - I remember getting my first CD... The Cure... which explains the hair and the bracelets doesn't it?  I'm just now struck with the similarity of Robert Smith and Edward... pasty white complexion... weird...

Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper of been on TV?  Yes to both...  a few times - quick write ups for the Children's Museum... Interview when I was a teenager, even though they ended up cutting the interview and showing a 7 second clip of my hair (please tell me that's been destroyed!)... and a interview a few years ago when some idiot tried to kidnap my boys.  (long story... they were smart and were just fine)

Holy cats that is a lot of info in a short time...  do you feel closer to me now? 

I'd pass on the award - but you know how I feel about rules like that.  If you WANT to answer these questions, then you can tell everyone I gave you the award - I'll never say differently - even if they threaten me with my hair video.


The Empress said...

Oh my gosh...the story on your children. how awful.

So glad there's all there is to it.

and the cure?? oh, yes...i remember the teasing I got for it, too, "the cure???they should be called the disease?:

That's OK, I still loved my Cure...

Kristina P. said...

I almost bought some jelly shoes the other day. And then I kicked myself in the head.

Mommycrat said...

Hi there,

I'm stopping in from the Lady Bloggers and just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.

I haven't seen Eclipse yet either.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Donda said...

I'm with you on the candles. I love the baked goods candles in the fall/winter and flowery scents in the spring/summer. I guess my smell buds change LOL

JoJo said...

I love the answers to your interview! You have such a funny cute blog!!

Found you on the LBS tea party :-).

Megz said...

Not to be rude but MOTH had lots of true lovers before you came along. Not really, but I was just using another example of the 'no offense' rudity. And feel free to use my new word of rudity in your next post.
Bummer about the vlog. I'd love to see you try to sit on your hands and talk.....

Anne @ frumpfactor said...

I'm totally with you on the Australia thing. If only there were a way to get there without being on a plane for 500 years....

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Australia use to be my top place to visit, then I heard about New Zealand and I have changed loyalties.

I loved reading more about you!!! LOVED IT! :)

Now get that VLOG up, you have me curious!

Garden of Egan said...

I think you should have posted the vlog anyway! Cluttered Brain would be so proud. (she's like the vlognazi)
Cute answers to your questions. You're sorta mischievious.

Barbaloot said...

I still haven't seen Eclipse either. And Sherlock Holmes is definitely worth seeing:)

And if you go to the Taranga Zoo in Australia, not only will you see kangaroos, but you can pet them as well! Plus, it's super close to the opera house:)

Holly said...

WHAT??? That profile pic ISN'T YOU??? LOL! Good ol' Alexis to the RESCUE!! ;D

Hmmm... my favorite candle scent would be Baked Apple Pie... or Cinnamon! Yeah... more FOOD!!
I'm not big on theater and their prices, either. It's much more affordable to wait for the DVD, BUY IT and the whole family sees it for a small fraction of the cost!!
Fads: Haha!! Dilly boppers, leg warmers, knickers, bell bottoms, middle parts and Dorothy Hamill hair cuts, parachute pants, break dancing, ruffle shirts, heart sweaters... OMH! I could go on!!

One Cluttered Brain said...

No offense but...
LOL. You booger snot!
oh wait that's my offensive word, my bad. LOL.

Nice. Thanks for playing.
See YOU this Friday!

Holly said...

I wanted to help you out with that shortage of key-lime pie situation... This post is dedicated to YOU on my "Tasty" Blog! ENJOY!! ;D