Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Flop...

Like many of my neighbors I was awake this morning at 4 a.m. (for those of you who are NOT my neighbors this was the time the Royal Wedding coverage was slated to start).

Unlike many of those neighbors I was awoken by coughing from my daughter - checked on her (she was fine... really) and immediately went back to sleep.

In all honesty I don't think I cared much when Charles and Di wed...  and I was a little girl who should have been dreaming of fluffy princess dresses and marrying my own prince.

But seriously - that dress?  Even the little girl in me knew that was obnoxious... apparently just getting in the royal carriage required a few helpers to shove in that train.  Not to mention that prince... at least Kate got the hunkier looking son.

But no, I didn't watch it... didn't even consider watching it.

My apathy makes me...

well, something... 

you tell me:
It proves that I don't have a romantic bone in my body.
It proves that I am too old to swoon about someday marrying a Prince and living in a castle singing to forest animals.
It proves that I prefer sensible shoes and dresses that you can dance in.
It proves that I love my husband enough to be happy with our wedding that cost about 1/10000th of the amount they spent on the Royal big day.
It proves that I have been sleep deprived and had better things to do at 4 a.m.
It proves that the only Royals I will ever cheer for are probably wearing baseball caps.
Okay, really... not those ones either.

or... All of the Above.

but hey, congrats to the happy couple...  I'd send  a card or something but really, I just don't care enough to send the very best.


Kristina P. said...

I've recorded it, but I don't think I'll watch. I can judge from the pictures.

Daughter of the Nine Moons said...

ha ha... which reminds me of the age-old question. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no-one around to hear it, does anyone really care?

Dixie Mom said...

I have to admit...I loved it. I was a little jaded by the severity of it all but it was very magical.

Barbaloot said...

Totally with you. I don't care. News flash to Americans---we're AMERICANS! Why are we investing so much time into this?

Garden of Egan said...

Uh, I didn't watch it either, but then I only watch TV on Tuesday night. NCIS.
Now if Kate and William wanted to go on that show I'd watch the episode.

Anyways....where was I? Oh, ya.

GET SOME SLEEP! Is it too hot there for ya? You could come here and visit. I'd put a snow shovel in your hands.

Sher said...

Your feet might prefer sensible shoes but I'm not yet convinced you do -- but I believe the rest. I didn't even consider getting up that early and I didn't think to look up any pictures of it either.

Teachinfourth said...

At least you put a photo on your blog, that's far more than I'll ever do...