Saturday, April 30, 2011

Someone needs a Makeover "While You Were Out" style!

why am I posting on a Saturday afternoon?

Nope... not to wish Veggie Teen a Happy Birthday... though he is now 16 and available to date...  but not seriously... because that would just freak me out.

(oh, Happy Birthday Kid...  you'll get your day...  just wait)

Nobody in their right mind posts on Saturday afternoon right?

Don't I KNOW that nobody will ever see this, it will be buried in all the many blogs you all read on Monday morning.

Only - I know my readers - I know they're just dying to get a peek into the exciting aspects of my life...

especially the aspects which I usually don't show.

People who have been to my house in person don't even get to see my bedroom.  That door stays SHUT

This is because it is also known as "the staging area"

you know... where I throw all the junk that I'm trying to hide from company?

I wish I were kidding on that one.

But my bloggy friend is hosting a fun giveaway - and apparently she's looking for the WORST room to makeover... and I used to spend entire days watching "While You Were Out" and "Man Your House is Hideous Here Let's make it a Little Better" - ummm... or whatever that one with Ty Pennington was called.  So I'm excited to maybe try this - yeah... seriously. I could be a contender!!!
(dang, did the button wrong - go to the Vintage Revivals Contest the old fashioned link way...)

The question of the day is: Does my room look THAT bad?

Well, let me tell you a little story:

When we first moved into our house I had a lot of people ask what my decor style was going to be. I'm a bit of a Normal Rockwell fan and I would say "Americana"... not knowing that to everyone else's mind "Americana" meant the American flag plastered on everything that would hold still... and you'd be amazed at the amount of home-warming gifts I got all plastered with the red, white and blue of my fair country...

Now, I'm a patriot... really.

But it was too much.

Now... if Mandy wanted to do THAT room over (the "Americana" decor has long ago been donated to a local school) it's virtually empty... but the real fashion faux pas in our house is now this...

My bedroom... which in an attempt to make it fashionable enough for me and masculine enough for my ManOfTheHouse I mentioned to those same well-meaning family members and friends that we were decorating it like a cabin:

and this is what happened:

Yes - seriously, even the toothbrush holder!

Enough Already!!!

Mandi - Obviously we are in need of help.  (and BONUS!  I live nearby - can we use the travel expenses to head to Vegas for the day?)

the good news - the room has "good bones" - or at least that's a catchphrase that I remember from all the DIY shows... and there's even a few pieces of furniture that can be re-vamped.  Like my hope chest that has gone from Green to Red... and now... well, now it's more "chameleon" covered...  or at least that's what I think... I'll let you know once I remove the piles and piles of clothing.

oooh, and I also have a PILE of mirrors sitting around...  and anybody who has ever hung out at Vintage Revivals KNOWS that Mandy has a thing for Mirrors :)  When you all pop over there later to vote for me (hint*cough*hint - voting starts at Midnight!) also check out the aMAZing branchy things she's got over on her side bar - because even though the post is about making your own rug (I know... she's too talented for me...) I just drool over that wall art!

and - as Mandi has been known to say... "Love your guts"

yeah, it works better for her...
because around here - we know that's a tiny bit on the gross side.  I don't actually love anything about your intestinal system.

and if I win... next time you visit - I promise to let you see my bedroom*

*providing you give me at least 24 hours notice prior to any visit, tour not to include the closet, the bathroom, and visitors must agree to not look under the bed.


Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

Yippeee!!!! you did it, you and I are probably the last of the posters, but we did it!

Sher said...

Yes, well the question I have to make you nervous next time we come is, do you keep it locked?

Kristina P. said...

When can my husband move in?

TisforTonya said...

ack - I forgot to mention that you should look REALLY closely at some of those frames on the wall... the fishing pole ones... because you'll notice the "pictures" still quite clearly say "5X7 photo"

and Sher... ummm, yeah... sure we keep it locked... ummm... as soon as I tell M.O.T.H. that it's time to buy a new door handle :)

cold cocoa said...

Hope you win! Though I always thought you were a good decorator. I always tend to lean on the feminine side of decorating rather than masculine. What a good wife you are!

I first found Mandy's blog when she was on the Nate Berkus show. Can't believe you have a celebrity in your midst!

LC said...

Is there a contest for backyard makeover because I think our weed sanctuary could use a lift.
That could be the first peek I've ever seen of your bedroom. Cool you've already got decorations for your summer cabin.
I think you've got the decorating saavy in you. Just take everything off the walls and unleash the power within:)

Tonya said...

Holy cow... how did I leave that typo in the Title? And me unable to fix it until tomorrow evening... Ugh!

Teachinfourth said...

A toothbrush holder? Wow, you guys must be rich...

I have to read blogs on the weekends because I have very little time during the week to make regular rounds...I try to post on Saturday or Sunday as well. Yeah, I'm the odd one.

I hope you win.


Missy said...

Going to Vote! I have one of "those" rooms also...

Cheeseboy said...

Just so you know, I am now reading this. And I am wondering why in the world you would want to do a makeover with all that awesome stuff on your walls?!?!

Also, happy birthday to your boy!

Anonymous said...

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