Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Does it Really Count as...

Family Home Evening?  

Last night our family split into two groups:  the dance group, which spent 5:00 - 8:00 at a local high school auditorium enjoying an evening of dance and music AND the baseball group which spent 6:00 - 10:00 at the baseball park enjoying a night of sweat and exertion.  And being the sexist pigs we are, Mom went with the girls to dance while Dad hung out with the boys eating bad for you food at the baseball games.

Things I realized at the dance concert:  you can teach 6 little 3-4 year old girls the same exact moves and they can pull it off beautifully at the dress rehearsal - but at the concert, under the pressure of stage lights, you will always get 6 different impromptu dances!  Parents cannot be expected to be the well behaved ones... yelling to their daughters from the audience to prompt a wave, really!  (no, it wasn't me)  Those stupid ballet shoes just don't stay tied!  Dance costumes get skimpier as you get older.  and... the real big one - I really need a new video camera!!!  

The dancing in the aisles while watching the second half of the concert was a lot of fun since M found a few friends and they were dancing to everyone's music.

I don't know if Q made any similar observations at the ball field (I know for sure he didn't say anything about the older boys and their skimpy baseball uniforms) but for the record, both boys played well and their teams won handily!  Po's team is in first place and W's in third for their respective leagues - and by the end of this week we should know if those standings will stay the same for next weeks' tournament!

Sorry no pictures - I was waiting on the video camera to finish downloading - and now I'm not sure the graininess is acceptable... time to start researching new cameras - any suggestions?


cold cocoa said...

It sure does! Good family activities, right there. And face it- the girls don't want to watch the boy games and surely the boys don't want to watch the girls dance! Way to keep the peace in the home. As for video cameras, we can find our Consumer Reports issue on vid cameras if you want..let me know.

Megz said...

Anything past an hour on either end is torture in my book. Especially if it goes past 7:30. It's fun to see the kiddies perform though. I hope you had Q bring you home a hotdog.

LC said...

I'd choose the dance over ball too but, good job boys on your winnings. I like my ultraflip video camera because I it is so small it can always be in my purse so I will actually use it. Not for fancy editing and special effects though if you're into that.
Price: $130-$150 for 60 min. variety, colors: green, orange, black, white, Size: fits in pocket
Cons: kids will want to use it all the time and you'll find lots of shaky footage of wandering around the house at a 3-ft eye level.

Sher said...

Good observations. As for any help in the camera arena -- can't Russell take care of the camera suggestions along with the computer advice in the family? I guess Laura had some advice too. I like my camera. I just don't use it much because then I'd have to figure out what to do with all of that fun footage. My try at making the reunion video is still incomplete. I can't figure out adding sound.