Tuesday, June 3, 2008

But Mom... what can I Doooooooo?

Okay, so my kids keep asking what they can do (since video games are restricted to certain hours)... so I posted this list:

Copy page 513 of the Dictionary (or something else) in your very best handwriting * Write a poem about boredom, or about anything else that strikes you * Have a tea party with the girls * Milk the goat (if you can find one) * Alphabetize your bookshelf (by author) * Find a new recipe you want Mom to try out * Research new books coming out that you might want to read * Find 5 things to give to D.I. * Read * Work on an Art Project * Find the Remote Control!!! * Polish the Silverware * Practice your hula hoop skills * Board Games (if you want Mom to play, pick Boggle... or even Scrabble) * Write a Song * Origami * Sharpen all the Pencils in the house * Play word games with M * Clip your nails * Clean out the Junk Drawer in the kitchen * Memorize an Article of Faith * Plan a crazy family vacation (destinations don’t necessarily have to exist) * Mix up a batch of Jell-O to go with dinner * Write the great next American Novel - find your main characters name in the phone book * Wash your sheets (you know they need it) * Organize the games * Read a book to M * Pick a Scouting Goal to Work on... and work on it * Yoga * Puzzles *

Any additions?
Personally, I'm just hoping that page 513 of the dictionary doesn't have any inappropriate words on it!


Megz said...

Do you have polish-able sliverware? I really liked some of those, like sharpen all the pencils. We need someone doing that here.
My additions would be to find a pet rock and write its history. And along the lines of labor--move all the furniture and pick up the junk that was underneath it.

cold cocoa said...

What about collect all the potato bugs in the backyard? That is a popular activity over here. Homemade popsicles? There are tons of good recipes on the internet. Wouldn't it be cool if your kids actually did want to memorize and AofF or a scripture? Or read a classic? I know I never wanted to as a kid so I can't really blame mine...I've got to set up a reward system to introduce some good variety/learning into the summer!

Sher said...

I've had the "I'm bored." statement used on me already and the "I don't know what to do". I think I suggested scrap booking. I'm shocked you didn't think of it. My usual suggestions are work -- which doesn't go over big. I have suggested that they think of something they want to do and get it on the calendar. Shockingly, they rarely want to do that. I think they want me to miraculously make their friends available and agreeable at all times. Alas, I cannot pull it off. I liked your list. I might copy it and make a poster for my children. I'll substitute "J" or "D" for "M".

LC said...

Great ideas...I have needed some of those around here. I like the D.I,pencil, writing a song ideas. What else could I add...vacuum the baseboards, how about color grouping the girls hair stuff?
Your list is pretty comprehensive.
Maybe we could put all the ideas in the "boredom jar" and they could take one out whenever they need inspiration.

T said...

I'm liking the jar idea... I actually added some of y'all's suggestions and put up additional lists (there are a lot of crazy things on there, my new favorite being to have a gargling contest - W did it outside with a friend yesterday and they cracked me up)

yeah Sher, none of my kids get too excited over scrapbooking yet - at least none of the ones that I trust with the nice tools... I had to supervise 2 four year olds and 2 six year olds yesterday as they cut out a bunch of die cuts... not for any purpose mind you... just to cut them out!