Monday, June 2, 2008

Gourmet Sandwiches

I vaguely remember T eating the occasional peanut butter and cheese sandwich, and W has been known to eat tuna on crackers with the addition of a marshmallow... all of these I find disgusting.  P and H have definitely had their share of things that they have been willing to try (tuna and peanut butter anyone?) but M put all adventurous children to shame yesterday when she requested a peanut butter, ham, cheese, and jelly sandwich.  Her Dad was the one who made it for her as Mom may have strongly suggested a compromise.  
She did eat it... well 1/2 of it at least - and for M, that's pretty typical even if the contents are of the more normal and edible variety.  I'm hoping this will be a one time request as it looked fairly difficult to spread peanut butter on top of ham - and yes, she did care about what in order they were layered.

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy adventurous eaters (I like my carrots dipped in peanut butter) - but why is it that the same children who will eat fries dipped in honey and ice cream also refuse to try the chicken I made for dinner simply because it has visible specks of spices ("what is this green stuff all over?  I don't like this mom...")  Perhaps the answer is to just put piles of whatever is in the fridge on the table for dinner and let them create their own special blend...  even if it does cause me to lose my appetite :)  A radical new diet technique - you're allowed to eat whatever you want as long as you're willing to put it all together in one bite...  it could work!

So how about you, what are the weirdest concoctions that your kids (or you) eat?  


cold cocoa said...

Nothing so odd as carrots dipped in pb! It is funny that kids like ranch on everything and it has green things in it!

Personally, I like a slice of american cheese with strawberry jam on a toasted English muffin. You should try it!

LC said...

How do you spell eewwww! We don't have such a sense of adventure when it comes to food. Our favorite snack as of late is a handful of equal portions of peanuts and butterscotch chips.
We also like strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar. So that may not be weird at all to some but it took courage for me to dip anything in sour cream.

Megz said...

Ranch Dressing at our house is the one thing that Ethan can put on anything to eat. But the rest of us are fairly conservative. I'm up for the idea that if they'll eat it let 'em no matter how gross it sounds.