Friday, March 20, 2009

My week - a.k.a. "No, I didn't drop off the face of the blogosphere..."

I know, I know - I haven't updated all week... I've also been horrendous at checking other people's blogs and leaving my witty and insightful comments to make you smile... will you forgive me?  Here's what we've been up to...  although it would be more accurate if there were about 456 photos of the different stages of completing the basement storage room that I've been working on all week... oh MAN I need a mani!

Friday - oops... forgot to flip the picture...  G'ma and G'pa C took the fam out to a very nice restaurant here in town.  We've been wanting to take H there for awhile (for reasons that should be obvious to those of you who know H - and which give BIG hints as to H's real name for those of you who don't know her!)
Saturday - W told me a few days before his birthday that what he really wanted was a moustache...  being as his hormones are unlikely to spring forth a bushy food saver by the end of the day - the boys had to make do with the spa bubbles (G'ma and G'pa C stayed in a condo with a very nice pool!)
Still Saturday - W wanted an alien cake for his birthday - YAY - a five minute decorating job, my favorite kind!!!   He was distracted while I was taking his picture, and although I took another that showcases his lovely smile I liked this one better because it will remind me of his personality more :)  G'ma & G'pa B showed up in time to cut the cake with the rest of us - my favorite part of the cake was definitely the little gumball machine aliens scattered inside the pastry... a mini alien autopsy!
Sunday - W (now 12) was ordained - G'parents from both sides of the family were present, pleasant, and proud!  M chatted up a storm during the blessing because she thought it could be accomplished in a more timely manner - but she will get over that.
Monday - for family night we gave in and took the kids to "Pirate Pizza" - which is not what it's called officially, but it works for me.  This is a local restaurant which is frequented for its ambiance and NOT for its pizza...  the Turkey sandwich was very good and I am glad for my resolve to listen to the suggestions of the waitstaff when I cannot make up my own mind!

Tuesday - as part of the ongoing basement renovation I had to empty the food storage rotation racks... the dust on the cans was creating some interesting recipe disasters so it was time to clean it all up before putting the storage room back together (soon, really... I promise...)  As an added bonus
Wednesday - my good friend J from my years in Washington State dropped by on her way home (not to Washington) and brought her gorgeous girls with her.  I hadn't seen T, C, & M in a number of years - holy CATS!  Can't believe that the oldest is DRIVING - the middle one made a confession (about my eldest son) which I won't share publicly (but you can check out the comments from last week's post if you're THAT curious) - and the youngest (whom I remember as a toddler sleeping on my living room floor) is a mouthy but funny little 9 year old!!!
Thursday - I paid H & M (along with neighbors P & A) to spray off the racks from the aforementioned rotation shelves...  a few things besides the racks got wet... sorry about your boat guys...  I also snuck away from the insane basement remodel long enough to do lunch with some friends... yummy Spinach Shrimp Salad at Applebee's is the perfect remedy for lungs full of gypsum dust!
Friday - H's birthday - a little HSM anyone?  She's so excited she can barely eat her Toaster Strudel!

I promise, no more week long absences... at least not NEXT week!


Barbaloot said...

That spinach shrimp salad sounds kind of amazing!

Great pictures, recap and VERY impressive with the food storage:)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Birthday H!!!!

lori said...

glad to see you back! Sounds like you've had a lot of fun this last week. Hopefully a little rest is in your future.

The Gibsons said...

I love your quick update on life. I need to get the kids to pirate pizza. Maybe I will go tonight.

Kristina P. said...

That alien cake is so fun!!

The Sports Mama said...

Wow... that looks like an insanely busy--but super fun--week!

The alien cake rocks! Sadly, my boys just know that if they want something creative like that, they need to start researching the local bakeries. Mama? She can't bake. :)

April said...

WOW! You have been busy! I can't wait until our renos are done, fini, no more!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Sometimes you just have to get away!!! Ya know!

We went to Pirate Island Pizza's was great! At least for the ambiance! My kids love it! :)

Anonymous said...

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