Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Speaking of Ideas...

We are going to be new and innovative around here and start a blog-story!  What's a blog-story you ask?  Well, since I just made it up (and PLEASE don't tell me about somebody else doing it first - let me enjoy my fifteen minutes of fame!) I'll tell you all about it...

Okay, I am going to begin a story - a few sentences maybe... a whole paragraph perhaps, who knows, it'll be off the top of my head 'cause that the way I work.

My loyal and wonderful readers are going to then take the story to their own blogs and post the next chapter/paragraph/sentence/at least a few words to continue on the story...  When they have done this they will leave a comment letting me know to add a link to their blog so that everyone can follow the story wherever it may go...  there may end up being 23589 different endings from one beginning, or hey - it may just tank in a day or two... but we'll never know if we don't try right?  It's like a "Tag" I guess... though I've never done one of those - but if it makes you more apt to participate then "TAG, you're it"


"It was midnight and Cheri had just finished packing.  She glanced around the room to see what kind of a mess she'd left behind.  The small rented room actually didn't look very different from the day she'd moved in 7 months prior - it smelled better, but it looked the same.  
  Before walking out the door she made sure to close all of the dresser drawers - she didn't want anyone noticing immediately that her clothing was no longer there.  She grabbed the one suitcase that contained all of her possessions and took a deep breath."

The Rules:
1-links should be included to the blog you continued from as well as the blogs which are continuing your story.  Please move the links from comments to your post for ease of reading.
2-hey, it's your blog that you're continuing this on, not mine - so I can't make the rules for you BUT please try to keep in the PG range for language and content... If the content becomes "adult" make sure to post a warning on any links!
3-include the rules in your post so that it can keep moving.

OH - and I refuse to post any of the hilarious happenings of my life until SOMEBODY plays my game - it's my ball, and I'm taking it home with me!


Zanbabe said...

This is a great idea. :) I love that it could go anywhere on the internet and turn into anything.

cold cocoa said...

I'd love to do it too but all my creativity right now has to go to my lesson on Sunday. Any tips for "A Change of Heart" attention-grabber?

just the five of us said...

I want to add to your story, but this week has been hectic-grad class, Primary meetings, report cards due to principal, and writing samples scored and given to my principal. Email me the details of how to link, because my brain is fried and I will add to the story:)