Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Friday: getting ready to leave town was difficult - unfortunately Lamby-kins had a hard time getting with the program and M had to put him on the "naughty step"...  hmmm, maybe we watch a little too much Super Nanny?
M then proceeded to pack a "few things" for the trip - lamby-kins is in one bag, her Tinkerbell pillow is in another, and her favorite blankie is in the third... good thing I thought to bring clothes for her!

The night concluded (after a long and torturous car trip) with a wonderful fireworks display watched from the comfort of Megz backyard...  a better view could not have been found and all the soot just brushed right off.  And for anyone that was concerned, H's trampoline induced "illness" didn't turn out to be anything at all!
Saturday started with the cousins and a visit to the local Fire Station for their open house - we picked up a few freebie pencils as well as a great pamphlet that I'm sure will be useful in helping P get through the last of his Wolf Badge requirements!  One week to go!!!  Q was off on a bike ride while we slept in and got ready - but two bikes and two inner tubes later I'm sure he was wishing he had chosen to come and climb on fire engines with us.  We proceeded to walk through the park where there was a talent show (and a voice I fully expect to hear next year on a Nationally Televised Reality/Talent show). 

After lunch we got a tour of J/A's new house which really gave me hope - it IS possible to stay in a reasonable budget and have a well put-together look.  Nothing about the house looks "standard" or "cookie cutter",  super choices... I'll have to call A next time we put a new stucco color on our house!  

After Dinner... well, let's just say I was regretting all the fatty and processed foods that I'd indulged in - I went to bed early - completely forgetting that being in someone else's house meant that there was good TV on and I could have seen something fun...  

Sunday was a little more laid back... lazy time was followed by church which was followed by lazy time...  and then study time taught by none other than Q and I... you missed out if you weren't there, Ethan can fill you in maybe?  

And then... the cousins!  After 2 nights of just our family (boring...) the kids were joined by some cousins... this made for a long getting to sleep process, but they had fun!
Monday morning's parade was interesting at least... notice the pink umbrella being carried by that princess... that's because just a few minutes into the parade it began to pour...  the kids were still scrambling for candy - but we got out of there before the hail began thank goodness!
The weather put a damper on the hike plans - but hanging with family playing games was still fun...  and eventually the sun did come out - the kids immediately ran outside and spent hours on the trampoline... jumping, jumping, and doing hair... aren't they cute!  Poor H though - I'm pretty sure that after awhile they realized that nothing CAN be done with that mop... that beautiful, beautiful mop...

and then, the culmination of the weekend... another long torturous car ride home... but we made it, life is good... and I have to run off to another PTA meeting so that real life can reign once again - bummer.


Megz said...

I don't remember that trampoline having a green cover--is that my computer or your camera with the funky lighting?
Glad you made it back safely and soundly. Time to get back to bidness.

Sher said...

Have you been eating only health foods and feeling more energetic by the minute? Maryn's packing technique is very similar to some of my childrens. Multiple bags full of mostly toys and favorite blankets. Who needs a fresh change of clothes?