Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Looong Week...

After our walking fiasco of Monday - Tuesday was spent as a prep day... preparing the many ways in which we would improve our Wednesday.  Did you know it's nearly impossible to find a regular tape player these days...  of course all my books on tape are exactly that "on tape" and finding a small tape player was much more reasonable than buying new stories on CD!  Oh, that reminds me - I really need to call Radio Shack in the morning and tell them to go ahead and sell that walkman they were going to hold for me when it came in...  they don't even stock them anymore... because really, who needs one?  In the process of finding all the books on tape I ran across a stash of old 80's music...  which is about as useful to me as that stash of crayons... hmmm, this recycle art project could get really interesting...
Of course things went about half as well as we'd planned (that's pretty typical) since M refused to wear shoes (at least then she stayed IN the stroller) and would not listen to the same book twice... so we have to bring a couple of tapes for the trip there and back.  Whatever works right?  Wednesday was also S.E.P.s - which, for those of you who are not "in the know" stands for Student Educational Plan and is a fancy shmancy way of saying Parent Teacher Conferences.  This early in the year they are basically another back to school night - but you actually get to talk to the teacher in this one.  My brilliant children H and P were of course given good reviews by their teachers and I came home feeling like maybe, just maybe, we will survive another school year.  
Wednesday night was also "game night" at the church building - where a few people who actually enjoy board games can get together and play for a little while.  Seeing as a good friend of mine was in charge and I actually do enjoy a good game - I went and enjoyed myself.  There will not be future game nights as there were just 4 of us, but I may have a few new games that I will have to try out another time!
Thursday - that's today right?  The walk to school felt like a race to see if P could get far enough ahead that I would give up on walking near him.  Apparently being walked to school by your mother isn't "cool" after 2nd grade?  That or the girls just walk unbelievably slow... I'll go with that explanation as I really am unwilling to give up my "cool" quite yet!  I spent a good long time talking with childhood friends and catching up with them - with much thanks to Q's parents who located my long lost calling card - I didn't feel badly at all using minutes that I thought were lost forever!  Q had "ministering night" and M and I went to her preschool open house where she actually acted shy for a few minutes... don't know where that came from, but once good buddy A was there - and C whom she has a little 4 yr old crush on - she was a bouncy flouncy girly girl as always.  I concluded my day by walking with a neighbor around the local park for an hour wishing that the lights would illuminate all parts of the trail!

Now that my week has involved enough activities - I have decided to do nothing tomorrow.  If only - I will actually spend the morning at the car dealership having them repair my left turn signal because I am getting very tired of mapping out every trip around town with only right hand turns!

Enjoy your holiday weekend - I'll see some of you soon (those who live where I am visiting) and you others, well, I'll be back next week with lots of fun stories to tell I'm sure.  Family is always worth at least one good tale!


Sher said...

Since you are coming today I can't think you'll really be doing nothing. The days I'm going somewhere I wish we would leave already so I could quit working on getting ready to go. I hope the stories you collect here are all happy. It sounds like you've had a busy week.

Megz said...

Isaac has been too cool for me for awhile---at least I don't feel guilty not helping in his class since he sooo doesn't want me there.
Ethan starts his preschool next week and already informed me he doesn't need me to take him because he's so excited to carpool in a car he's 'never been in before.'
Hope you're pumped for some rockin' Labor Day parties.