Thursday, August 7, 2008

They keep getting bigger!

my son T grew about 6 inches this year - and hit his official teenager-hood - and being the person I am (read as SHORT) this means that he passed me up in height.
Yikes....  I am taking this well... sort of.  The good thing is that I have learned a wonderful parenting lesson - and stay with me here, it's a deep one :)

You can't See Eye to Eye

If You insist on going Toe to Toe...

of course, since most of you don't need 4 inch heels to look in your kids' eyes, that may not apply in the same physical way :)

(and if anyone notices that this photo is pre-my latest haircut... it took me awhile to decide to post photos of myself on here... I didn't mind everyone thinking I looked like Audrey Hepburn!)

*with special thanks to my teenage neighbor for the hand-me-down huge shoes and my sweet grandmother for fixing that skirt after it sat in my closet for close to two years with a broken zipper*


Megz said...

6 inches in one year! There goes the clothing budget.
And you aren't really Audrey Hepburn?? There goes the mystique of your blog. Also thanks to the clarification on the shoes. I was wondering where you'd get those! They are way fun.

cold cocoa said...

I like the shoes too. The perfect height adjusters and fun to wear!

A good looking mom and son!

Anonymous said...

Let's think, T takes after your side or Q's side, hmmm. I guess not all of us get to shop in the petit section and find whatever they need on clearance. Some of us have to be mainstream.

LC said...

When I called you about fam. reunion stuff I was surprised to hear a young MAN answer the phone.
Whoa--I guess kids have to grow up and we adults get to start shrinking...well not for a few more years.

T said...

those shoes are actually VERY uncomfortable... but they look so cute with about... 2 outfits... I just can't seem to get rid of them, call me Imelda :)

And LC - I just keep praying that I can avoid the shrinking for as many years as possible, there just isn't much to lose when you're already my height... I don't think they MAKE shoes much taller than these!

Sher said...

Who's Imelda?

T said...

Imelda Marcos... she had a lot of shoes (- all financed of course by her husbands' questionable practices as dictator of the Philippines. Hey, maybe reading my blog is educational too!

N (2 of 3) said...

I'm just glad you joke about your height. I remember how awkwardly triumphant I felt growing up when I was as tall as you at so many years younger, when you were still at the 'Y' I think - stranger still that we wore the same size shoes.

I'm never sure whether I'm allowed to poke good-natured fun or not. I tend to opt for not 'cause I know you can still beat me up, height difference and all.