Friday, August 22, 2008

Celebrity Fashion Influence

Back to School has already happened here - all the school shopping is done, and what a close call!  It's a good thing I didn't know about the money saving tips that were on CBS this morning - The little boy wearing a $45 messenger bag over his $35 corduroys, $35 plaid shirt, $25 graphic tee and $30 newsboy hat (with apologies if I misremembered - or purposely overstated - any of the numbers)...  and then the lovely trend of metallic shoes - inspired by celebrity fashion trendsetter Suri Cruise, who wore her silver Mary Janes all summer and has set the fashion world on end thereby.

I think I'm going to be ill...  but maybe that's because I'm wearing my $7 pants from Ross and two shirts that were less than $20 combined...  I'm apparently underdressed even for the toddler set!

Is our world really this shallow - or is it just the news?  I spend a LOT of time at my kids' schools - and I have yet to see a little boy come traipsing in with his GQ inspired newsboy hat (ahem, hats aren't even allowed in any schools my kids go to) or a little girl with her metallic flats (yeah... play kickball in those!)

I'm sure T would love it if I had that kind of a back to school shopping budget, but then he'd just buy more of the reasonably priced stuff and not blow it all on one outfit!  

Okay - I'm done venting... almost - you should have seen the little $70 dresses that these kid models were supposedly going to wear to school... what little boutiques are they shopping at - and don't they have Targets in New York???


cold cocoa said...

I just appreciate those segments because they make me feel like the best bargain shopper ever! Also, I'd much rather see some cute fancy clothes than ones from walmart, even if I'd buy the latter over the former. Better entertainment, more reason to say "ooh" and "ahhh" at the rich kids going to fancy private schools attire!

Their audience is either upper upper middle class and above or they are catering to the middle class who are in debt thousands of dollars because they don't know cheap (and cute) clothes are available!

LC said...

Well said cc and t. I enjoyed a letter to the editor in the Oprah magazine the other day (which I borrowed from my mom)

"Thanks O for that great segment on jeans. I was able to find the perfect-fit ones for $235. Unfortunately that is about what it costs to buy groceries every 2 weeks for our family of 5. I am a social worker. Do you have any jeans I could afford on my income?"

AMEN sista social worker!

Chelsi said...

I used to watch that program and just roll my eyes at their "Chic on a Shoestring" segment. Instead of $350 for the pair of jeans, you could find them for $70--are you serious!?! The ONLY thing I spend that much money on is running shoes, and that took some work for my money brain to be okay with.

Check out All You magazine--they shop at Walmart and Target for some of their clothing products. Yeah for reality!

Megz said...

I didn't know you were a Ross shopper like me. I always try really hard to spend money other places, but then I know if I just take the time to sort through the trashy at Rossy, I'll find some great steals and get twice as many clothes.
I guess if you are already spending big bucks to send your kid to a private school what's the big deal about a $35 hat?

T said...

CC - if they'd been "cute" fancy clothes I wouldn't have minded so much... but corduroys are the same no matter where you get them (itchy) and that $70 dress looked like I could have sewn it... and for anyone who hasn't seen the things I sew... think pillow case with arms!

Sher said...

It sounds like there was so good material on the show so you could do some eye rolling exercises. Hooray for 5 dollar shirts and other cheap clothing. If it wears out faster, we can buy more and still save! I've never believed though that I or my children would stain expensive clothing any less than we do the cheap stuff and then it would be "worn out" anyhow.

Meg said...

Yeah, I have a hard time spending that much on an outfit for me. I can't imagine spending that much on an outfit for someone who's going to out-grow it in three days.