Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is a Stick up...

Hand over all your cash and no-one gets hurt.
or at least that's how it feels...  and trust me, my monster car stuffed with my monster kids hurts more than that little thing in the cartoon!


just the five of us said...

Okay...Which little thing in the cartoon? the gun? or the gas pump?
I still drive that HUGE Diesel and it's really going to hurt to fill it up tomorrow. I am guessing close to 200 buckeroos. I haven't driven it much this summer, and unfortunately it is now only 1/4 of a tank. OUCH! I think I prefer the gun and monster kids:)

cold cocoa said...

We should just ride on horses and carriages. In long dresses. I do love the sound of a horse clop.

And on a happy note, didn't gas go down 25 cents because people are buying less?

T said...

yeah... gas hasn't gone down that much here... maybe after we stop being the state's weekend destination?

I'm not going to mention how much my gas guzzler takes to fill... I'm just hoping that someday we can use a smaller car on weekdays at least for the quick runs here and there... that will have to wait for the end of 7 child carpools of course!

LC said...

Fun cartoon. It's good when you can step back and laugh about $4/gallon will be even more fun if this just turns out to be a passing fad.
How 'bout those Vespa's?