Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creativity goes SPLAT!

Being in a far more productive mood today I have tackled my closet (it won the fight - there's a re-match scheduled for tomorrow), done some dishes, and attempted to clear the cobwebs out of the scrapbook room!  In all of this fussing and straightening I have located a LOT of stray crayons.  (I think they're like bunnies)
Besides thinking "wouldn't that photo make an awesome jigsaw puzzle" I'm wondering what on earth can be done with all of this fun colored wax...  I did find out that I can ship a whole box to the gal over at where she will recycle it into funky shapes of crayons and firestarters (wax covered crayon wrappers).  I could also attempt this process on my own - T or W (can't frankly remember which) even has one of those crayola crayon makers that does just this... slowly and tediously...  but that doesn't solve my problem since I want FEWER crayons in the house.  It is okay to just throw them in the trash right?

Wrong:  apparently that's not "green" enough these days - The World Environmental Organization has some ideas here that are nifty but I think they are for people that have 3 or 4 crayons left and not for those of us who used to teach preschool and have issues with throwing things away!

Maybe there's a way to turn them into something cutesy that I can attach a ridiculously sappy poem to for neighbor gifts?  Okay, somebody has to come up with better than that!
If I knew how to make crayons like those - this wouldn't be an issue, I'd keep 'em all... however I have to wonder if that's just a photographic trick and boring crayons are what I'm stuck with.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas - or just wants a pound or two of crayons - let me know!

OH!  I almost forgot the comment that prompted this post - M came in while I was checking e-mail and wanted blank paper... then some more blank paper... then her little friend A wanted some paper... just 2 more... just 1 more... just 2 more... and after about 1/2 a ream I wanted to know what was going on (I'm a little slow sometimes), so M describes her activity as "we make pictures with the black naked crayon" - and scarily enough, I totally understood that they were making crayon rubbing pictures.  See... finding all those leftovers has already come in a teensy bit handy.


Megz said...

You posted again before I could comment! Dang, I hate missing a comment.
Sometime last year I ran into a website of things you could do with all those extra crayons. But most of them involved melting and creating more crafty projects that then end up being thrown away. I've finally just taught myself that if it's less than 1/8th of an inch long and not a desirable color (can you say white) it's OK to just toss it.

LC said...

I bet it would really warm your heart if you donated those to a worthy cause: mail them to Pakistan, or drop them off at the local women's shelter, or some worthy homeschool family---minus the 1/8 in. nubs.

T said...

Meg - I don't have a steadfast rule against commenting on day old posts... as long as it's witty and interesting that is...

LC - yeah, you don't happen to be suggesting a worthy homeschool family do you? Yeah - my heart would be warmed by seeing them put to good use... I just don't know if the heart warming is worth the postage to donate them... dilemmas!

Sher said...

Trisa was helping me color something for primary the other day and she commented that some of our crayons are probably about as old as her and there is quite a pile. I can't bring myself to throw them all away and start over and it's WAY too much work to sort them into too short and too awful of a color piles so we just keep collecting more. Sorry. No genius help from me!