Monday, August 11, 2008

an unpopular opinion...

I know, I know... I should be sad that my kids are going back to school tomorrow.  Really, part of me is reeling and wishing we could have another few weeks of summer fun - but the fact is that "Summer Fun" stopped being fun when it became "Summer of Kids arguing and Mom acting as Referee"  So that other part of me is humming "it's the most wonderful time of the year..." and making plans for tomorrow!  

At 7:20 W has to leave for Intermediate School - with binder, violin and gym clothes in hand - at 8:00 T has to get out the door and off to Middle School with his backpack and gym bag - then at 8:40 I will be driving P and H to elementary...  after the first day I will be walking them to school to save a little gas and to give myself a little exercise, but on the first day - I just don't have that kind of patience.  M (being just 4) will be the only one home this year and it has been so long since I tried to entertain just one child that I don't know what to do!  For the first day at least we have a full day of going out for a treat, playing a game together, reading books, popping popcorn, watching a movie, and going to the library scheduled...  that is, if she hasn't added to the list by the time we wake up!

I am looking forward to: being able to make a doctor's appointment for myself without trying to figure out who will be baby-sitting - running to the store without wondering where the groceries will fit around the children - and most importantly...  cleaning the kitchen table off and having it stay clear for more than 10 minutes!

Kudos and double admiration to those of you who can do all of these things while your children are home...  now you know why home schooling is not my cup of tea... if I drank tea that is.

So - I'm open to any suggestions (reminders) on how to entertain just one child... right now I have a feeling we're going to become a "foster family" for the neighbor girl just so M can play with somebody whose' idea of playing barbies doesn't end at sorting them into their proper boxes and making sure they are all clothed!!  


cold cocoa said...

Exciting times! Yes, one child at home could be harder than two. This is the time you can be the funnest Mom ever! Make play-doh, do crafts (she can scrapbook her own mini-book while you do yours), make dinner early together, etc.

Megz said...

M's got to earn those fun mommy times by putting in a good couple hours bonding with PBS so you can get stuff done. On our end, I am just praying that Ethan and Noelle learn how much fun the other one is. That will make our days go by quicker.
Have fun going back to school! We'll join you next week.

Sher said...

Ah, I will be in a similar boat only with a younger child. My sister has a large list that she made that I forgot to copy -- it had stuff for older children too -- I'll have to ask her. I'm congratulating myself on the best unplanned summer ever (I usually have an elaborate summer plan, complete with piles of chores). This year I went for trying to make it to our numerous scheduled activities and keeping the house at a decent cleanliness level. I am looking forward to/ and dreading the start of school. I'll let you know if I have any clever ideas for entertaining M.