Sunday, August 3, 2008

All Megan's Fault

Okay, Meg's blog reminded me of the upcoming holiday "sneak a zucchini onto your neighbor's front porch day" on August 8...  Lacking the ability to actually grow any of these monsters (and since I can only really use 2 per year) I am going to be skipping that celebration this year.  Don't ask why I knew about this holiday - it is really a truly long and boring story... that and I don't remember.

In lieu of that rockin' night-time fun - I decided to find out what else is out there for me:  August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week and again, I'm going to be feeling left out of that one.  I was starting to feel a little like the whole world had reasons for a parade and it was just going to be me... all alone...  NOT having a parade - when Lo and Behold - the next item on the list was made for me!  August 1-7 is ALSO "Simplify your Life Week" - Don't laugh, my friend Tracey recently posted a bunch of ideas for doing just this... so that's it - look out world, I'm going to ParTay with this one :).  Hmmm... actually, now that I see the things I CAN'T celebrate I realize my life is getting simpler all the time :)

You want something to celebrate:  Check this and see what August has to offer you.  Then let me know which day you're celebrating what so that I can eat a cupcake in your honor.


Megz said...

What a handy site! Now I know it's OK to have waffles every night during waffle week and for sure we can't miss National Chocolate Chip day.
But come on, T, you are creative enough to figure out how to support breastfeeding even if you're technically not lactating. Maybe just carry a doll under your shirt all day. The women need you!

cold cocoa said...

I sense you are done reading Breaking Dawn? I am curious about what happened. Are you happy with it?

I believe every day should be whatever you feel like. Tomorrow is "obey your parents day" at our house. I'll let you know if it works.

T said...

yep - all done - I posted a review at my "Other Blog" (scroll way down on the right hand side for the link - or go to - The ten hours of straight reading is what led to my needing to simplify my life of course!

Michelle said...

I'm in for National resurrect romance week, but olympiad week(s) are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. Maybe we'll celebrate hobo week by camping in our backyard and digging a latrine--um no.

LC said...

Wow there is so much to celebrate.
I'm all for toasted marshmallow day--as long as we can use the microwave--10 seconds to gooey perfection--30, for hard tack.

I hope that Psychic week is bogus because I had a dream last night that we were starving and I had to go to prison. Phew! I was glad to wake up from that one.

T said...

My kids have decided that for Psychic week we will all just watch as many episodes of Psych as we can handle.

They are a little bummed though that the first day of school (Aug 12) is international children's day... something seems very wrong about that!