Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Goes Both Ways... a.k.a. - TWINS!

Just to prove that it's not just my girl being a bit obsessive - M got dressed this morning and went (where else) next door to A's house.  On arrival there A took one look at her and realized she had that exact same shirt... and pants... and barrette... I'm not going to ask if they were both wearing Tinkerbell undies - I don't want to know.


They even ended up with the same hair-do, yellow pony-tail holder and all!  I think I could take them out and claim to have twins - well, except that the fact that A is 4 inches taller than M - and they really don't look alike - and the fact that I would have to give up the claim immediately knowing that I am ever thankful that my own children have come in singles!  

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Sher said...

I bet it is fun for them both to look like "twins". I probably would have liked that when I was little. They sure are cute!