Friday, August 8, 2008

what MUST they be thinking

first off - I have to apologize for blogging so much - it's just that suddenly I have an outlet for all the funny things I think that Q doesn't really want to hear about when he comes home... or in this case - the funny things that happen in our day to day travels.

So...  as I'm driving around with sweet 4-year old M one fine day and paying attention to all the cars around me I hear a soft whimpering whine from the seat behind me.  Turns out while I was being a responsible driver she was busy blowing me kisses which I was ignoring and not catching.  Luckily, this is the point in our travels where I come off the big hill and can play a little more.  So each time I hear a little smacking sound from the back seat I make a wild grab into the air to "catch" her kiss - she is giggling and happy and I'm feeling like I have earned my Mom award for the day.

Until I think about the drivers behind me and wonder what they are thinking - did I drive through a hornet's nest?  A car full of mosquitoes?  We were getting close to our destination so I just kept it up until the parking lot and put all those unknown people out of my mind.

I think we're lucky we didn't cause this:
with thanks to :)

So there it is, my daughter was happy - I was only slightly chagrined, and hey - at least I wasn't picking my nose or wildly weaving in and out of traffic right?


Sher said...

I have explained several times to my children that I can't turn around and look at something while I'm driving but they don't seem to believe me. "Hey Mom -- Look at this!" I try for a token glance hoping not to cause a humongous pile up. So far so good. It's good to record the funnies in life. They're my favorite things to go back and read.

cold cocoa said...

Picking noses is pretty popular though!

Sounds like a sweet Mom Moment. And that looks like an important website where you can do all the rubber-necking you want!