Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Gold Medal for the Danish...

And no - I have no idea how the Danish are doing in the olympics - instead I dedicate this lovely blog to the sweet yummy pastry pictured below:

Last Saturday - in preparation for Sunday's brunch treat - I dropped by my local CostCo and purchased a variety pack of Danish... they actually looked nothing like the above Danish but were yummy all the same.  The family ate them up happily (well, most of them ate happily at least) and we all appreciated the treat.  

Flash Forward to about 15 minutes ago when my phone rings and it's someone calling from CostCo...  my thoughts are wondering if I left my membership card, my credit card, or something vital - and then the guy says that they're calling because I purchased Danish...  now my thoughts are going really wild and I'm wondering if we'll all need to be tested by the CDC for something we ate - but NO - and I hope you're sitting down because this is amazing.  This nice fellow is calling because we were inadvertently overcharged for our Danish (an error I never would have caught) and he would like to offer us either the $1 refund or a free package of Danish on our next visit.

Am I on Candid Camera?  This is downright amazing customer service and in thanks for their honesty in business I am awarding them their own virtual Gold Medal from blogworld!  See... sometimes life is good... of course, I really shouldn't eat those fattening things, but they're so yummy...
and yes, I am aware that this is a Knitting Champion medal... it was funnier that way don't you think?


cold cocoa said...

That is scary that they know who you are by what you bought! Are you sure it's not the crazy stalker from the bakery aisle? It is great that Costco has such good customer service. I don't think Sam's Club would do the same.

I'll take a cream cheese Danish, please!

LC said...

What a great story! Costco is the best. I got a 20 lb bag of chocolate chips there. (comfort food)

I'll take a churro, pretty please!

Megz said...

I just want a Boston Cream pie, but that doesn't count as a Danish does it? Good job to Costco. Do they go over every purchase and charge weekly?? I am very curious as to how they caught it and when.
Is there a scrapbooking medal you could win?