Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Staying Out of It!

okay, so really I'm all worked up over IOC rules, age controversies, ridiculously backward scoring procedures, politics that I'm quickly tiring of, meetings that I don't want to be at, kids who won't just pick a pair of shoes and get on with it, and laundry and dishes that never seem to stay clean for more than 5 minutes.  But listen up - I am officially Staying OUT of all such volatile conversations and keeping my aura clean...  I have been known to be a hothead in the past sure... but not this time - after saying some choice things to the TV last night I'm done.  

Now I'm going to go and play Ponies and Pollies until my biggest gripe is that those darn Polly Shoes are too tiny.

Playing with a 4 year old is a nice way to relieve stress.  Unfortunately - she's next door with her "best friend ever" and Mom is left to decide:  Play Ponies and Pollies alone, or do the dishes... I wonder if Lila's dress will look good on the Pony?


cold cocoa said...

Lila is my favorite Polly. My gals seem to prefer the blondes, sadly.

Anyway, I understand. I stay away from the Olympics when I start to get mad. After all, it is so far away from my own life in the first place...but it definitely can make you mad. Just be glad you don't have family competing.

Are you doing PTA stuff?

Sher said...

the Danish story was cleverly written, I doubt the neighbors are too afraid, or annoyed by such a cute "stalker" and I have detatched so far from the Olympics this year that I barely worked up any anger or frustration -- I let Trisa do it for me. I'd stress out if I were playing Ponies and Pollies when there were dishes to be done -- even if the 4 year old were home but I could convince myself that doing something else I really wanted to do and leaving the dishes was not stressful!

LC said...

I had to laugh at the hot head.
You just might enjoy Doug Robinson's article in the Des. News. You both could go off on China and the Olympics--speaking of which did anyone watch my event--the trampoline? FUN!
Or you could stay out of it, close your eyes, and enjoy the serenity of a quiet home ...for a little while.

T said...

well, I will disappoint everyone (except hubby) by mentioning that I did break down and do my dishes instead of playing with the toys... but seeing as my idea of "playing" with the girls is more like "organizing" to them - both would have been productive in some way

I missed trampoline - did it make prime time? We have a pretty limited coverage with just local channels... enough to get me hot under the collar.

just the five of us said...

I can't believe you have the polly shoes. They are the first thing vacuumed up or thrown out! I think my girls are finishing out the stage of the barbie, polly, and strawberry shortcake. Infact, one of the barbies heads got blown off when we went out shooting once. I have pictures of C and M hanging their McD's barbie out the car window, it was great entertainment for a long boring ride from Kanab to the 1-40 interchange south of Beaver last fall. Olympics? whats that? I haven't watched one event. I know that is pretty sad!! Just to busy, and I really can't stay up until 2:00 am to watch:)

T said...

unfortunately I've had to catch a lot of the Olympics on the Las Vegas channel we get, so staying up until 1 or 2 has become routine... bad habits! mornings of getting the kids off to school should get easier soon!

Megz said...

T- why is it that I can actually see you playing Ponies and Polly by yourself? Must be your youthful demeanor.
Way lame about the scoring on the Olympics. I'm hoping the outrage will make a rule change.